Maybelline the Colossal Kohl smoked silver review and Swatches

Maybelline the Colossal Kohl smoked Silver

Maybelline has added 3 more shades to its Colossal Range

1. Crushed Emerland

2. Jewelled Jade

3. Smoked Silver

I have swatched Smoked silver and Jewelled Jade here. Crushed Emerland was not available so will check it out later. Lets jump to the review of Jewelled Jade.

MRP:  Rs. 249

Packaging: Same old yellow packaging with a hint of silver shade and name written at the bottom which makes it easy to identify and locate. It is a twist up liner and doesn’t require any sharpening hence no product wastage. This time there is no packaging carton that we used to get with black and turquoise.

smoked silver

smoked silver price

Texture: Texture is hard if we compare it to its previous family i.e. black and turquoise but its not too hard either.

close up smoked silver

Color: Color is beautiful silver shade with shimmer but not over the top shimmer.

smoked silver kohl

smoked silver closeup

Application: Application is easy, you can apply with slight heavy hand as well and it won’t break. The slight hard liners makes the application easy and smooth as we won’t be having the fear of breakage.

Pigmentation: Pigmentation is average, you need multiple swipes to build the color.

Longevity: It stayed on my waterline and lower eye lid for 5-6 hours with slight fading. On my upper lash line it stayed on 3-4 hours and then started transferring. But then I have oily eye lids, the longevity may vary for others.


  1. Lovely Color
  2. Ideal texture
  3. Smooth application
  4. Doesn’t break unlike previous two kajal’s of the same family i.e. Black and Turquoise.
  5. Good Staying power.
  6. Buildable color coverage, you can increase the intensity by multiple swipes.


  1. No Packaging Carton as earlier.
  2. Not as Pigmented as black colossal kajal,  pigmentation can be improved.


smoked silver kohl final


smoked silver1

full face

smoked silver

My Verdict: I am happy with it, the color is nice so is the texture. I wish the staying power was little longer.

Rating: 4/5

Love, PJK

Colorbar Black Fiesta Masquerade 004 review and swatch

Colorbar Black Fiesta Masquerade 004

MRP: Rs. 499 for 15 ml.

Color: Colorbar Masquerade top coat is a mix of various color hexes such as red, yellow, peach, lime green, blue and black.


Formula: The formula of the top coat is quiet nice, it is not too dense and apply easily on the nails.

Finish: Matte Finish


Dry Time: Dry time of the top coat is very less as compared to other brands. It took 4-5 minutes to dry.

Longevity: I wore it for 5 days and experienced slight chipping, see the last two pics.

Removal: Removal process was difficult like all other glitter nail paints.

I have applied the top coat on Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in shade COMMANDER IN CHIC and i am really happy with the outcome, in fact i Loved it.

My Verdict: I totally recommend this glitter nail paint. It has unique mix of colors and is very long lasting.

Rating: 5/5




Below two pictures are taken after 5 days of wear time. DSC_0918



New Launch – Colorbar Black Fiesta Nail Lacquer

Colorbar Black Fiesta Nail Lacquer

I am a big fan of confetti nails and i am really GLADDDD that Colorbar has launched them in India. As soon as i heard about them i went to Colorbar counter at GIP Noida and tried these gorgeous top coats.

Colobar has launched these topcoats in 4 variants

  1. Green Holiday
  2. Red Fete
  3. Merry Blue
  4. Masquerade

Below is what colorbar says about them.

Description on website: Join in on the fun, excitement and fanfare as Colorbar launches the next generation Graffiti Art Nail Lacquer, that fuses a variety of matte glitters in assorted shapes and sizes for a vivid paint-splatter effect. Let your imagination and creativity go wild and bring out the artist in you. Let your nails be a canvas for this top coat, which lets you break all the rules and make some of your own. Be Mad for Matte!

The application is so easy, you can use this anywhere, anytime, to create your very own nail art matching your many moods and moments. It comes in four exciting shades – Green Holiday, a wicked splatter of green matte glitters; the very festive, Red Fete; a happy-go-luck shade Merry Blue; or many shades of joy in one bottle with Masquerade.

Application: The coverage is buildable, so you can experiment with layers, use on top of other colors, or on its own to keep creating endless new forms of expression for your nails.

Clean the brush from the neck of the nail lacquer bottle and then dip it again to enjoy that extra load of matte glitters chunks on nails. Always wait for the each coat to dry before going on to the next.

Layer this top coat over bold colors, neutrals, jewel tones, Neons—there are no rules

The brush design was engineered to complement the product, giving you the most even and precise lacquer application.

Although i loved all of them but i bought Masquerade as it was love at first sight.

Please find the full review here.


Today’s Haul, Swatches of Maybelline the colossal Kohl smoked silver and Jewelled Jade

Ever since i heard about Colorbar Black Fiesta Masquerade i could not stop myself thinking about it. So after office hours i paid a visit to nearby mall with Mr. Hubby. Here is what all i have bought today.

1.Colorbar Black Fiesta Masquerade 004 (Rs.500)
2. Sally Hansen sugar coat Sour Apple 600 (Rs. 460)
3. Sally Hansen hard as nails Mellow Yellow 360
4. Sally Hansen hard as nails Blue it 250
Got above two in Buy 1 Get 1 scheme (Rs. 250)
5. Maybelline the colossal Kohl smoked silver (Rs. 249)
6. Mahi fashion jewellery- orange ear rings. (Rs. 599)



Below are the Swatches of Maybelline the colossal Kohl Smoked silver and Jewelled Jade

smoked silver kohl

Will post the detailed review of the above items soon.


MAC Rebel lipstick review, swatch and FOTD

MAC Rebel lipstick:

I bought this lipstick last year, I was roaming around at Shoppers Stop GIP Noida and saw the SA at MAC wearing a very beautiful berry shade lipstick. I was not sure whether this shade would suit me but I thought to give it a try and I am really happy that I went outside of my comfort zone to try this shade. Let’s jump to the review now ladies.

MRP: Rs. 1450

Packaging: Typical black packaging with the name of the color written at bottom.

_DSC0629  _DSC0631

Color: Rebel is a deep plum shade with berry tones and has a subtle shine. It would suit mostly all the skin tones. It is not a matte lipstick but settles into semi matte finish after an hour.



Texture/formula: Texture is very creamy and lipstick glides smoothly on lips. Formula is not too drying but my lips felt dry after 4-5 hours of wear time. So I advise to moisturise the lips beforehand.

Scent: It has the signature vanilla scent which fades away soon.

Pigmentation: This lipstick is highly pigmented. One swipe will provide the full coverage. Few people have experienced uneven finish but not me, as a remedy a berry shade lip liner can be used to provide even coverage.

Longevity: The lipstick stayed on me for 7-8 hours with slight fading around the corners and in middle of the lips.

Staining: Yes it stains the lips heavily and you need to remove it with a oil based makeup remover.


  • Nice deep berry shade.
  • Creamy texture
  • Highly pigmented
  • Satin finish which settles into matte finish after some time.
  • Long wearing


  • Difficult to remove, stains the lips heavily.
  • Pricey


rebel-close up

My verdict: I love it. This is my go to shade in winters as I prefer wearing dark shades in winters. Considering the positive points it have it will not disappoint you.

Rating: 4.5/5


Maybelline The Colossal kajal Turquoise review and swatch

Maybelline The Colossal kajal Turquoise

Colored eyeliners are my weakness, I have them mostly in all the colors. Today I am reviewing Colossal kajal in shade turquoise.

MRP: Rs. 249

Packaging: Same old yellow packaging but with a twist. It has a hint of turquoise shade at the bottom which makes both the Maybelline liners I.e. Black and turquoise easy to identify and locate. It is a twist up liner and doesn’t require any sharpening hence no product wastage.   _DSC0580

Texture: Texture is soft and glides very smoothly but you need to apply it with a soft hand. While swatching the product on my hand the tip of the liner broke, so you need to take care of not applying too much pressure while using this product.

Color: It has very vibrant beautiful turquoise color with sheen which makes the eyes pop.





Application: Application is easy, due to smooth formula it glides like a dream and there is no tugging. However you will need couple of swipes to build the color.

Longevity: It stayed on my waterline for 6-7 hours with slight fading. On my upper lash line it stayed on 3-4 hours and then started transferring. But then I have oily eye lids, the longevity may vary with people having normal eye lids.

revlon sultry closeup


My verdict: I love using this kajal and it really makes my eyes pop.

I will give it 4.5/5. Half mark deducted for crumbly texture other than that I loved it.


Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel Autumn Spice, Wintermint Review and Swatch

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel Autumn Spice and Wintermint||0

The day I heard about these scented nail enamels I could not resist myself and purchased them online from Flipkart and got them delivered the very next day.

Today I am reviewing two shades from this range.

1. Autumn spice: It is a dark brown color with hint of golden and slight pink shimmers. It is a really beautiful color.

2. Wintermint: It is a minty green color with blue glitters and gold shimmer. I found these blend of colors really unique.

MRP: Rs. 350

Product description on Revlon Website:

A whole new way to experience color. Vibrant shiny shades go on smoothly for flawless color and then dry to light, irresistible fragrances.


Light fragrance revealed when dry

Light fragrance lasts all day

Available in 24 scented colors

Packaging: perfume inspired square bottle with black bulb cap.

Brush: Standard size brush.

Autumn spice



Color: Dark brown color with hint of golden and slight pink shimmers. Perfect color for winters.

Formula: It has a very smooth formula which is neither too runny nor too dense.

Opacity: It is very opaque, provides full coverage in one coat.

Dry time: Dry time is considerable, it took 8-10 minutes for two coats to dry completely.

Scent: I got the faint smell of cinnamon and vanilla.

Longevity: Regretfully the wear time is not so good. It started chipping from the tips within a day and color also started looking very dull. I am very disappointed with the wear time.

Removal: Easy to remove and leaves no stains.

My Vedrict: I am not satisfied with autumn spice, there is no doubt about the color but wear time is very disappointing.

My Rating: 1.5/5




Color: A minty green color with mix of blue and mint glitters. The combination is blended with golden shimmer.

Formula: Formula is little on runny side may be due to precise application of glitters. The even and smooth texture helps the glitters to disperse evenly on nails.

Opacity: Very translucent in first coat, you can build up the color in 3 coats.

Dry time: Dry time is considerable, it took 10-12 minutes for two coats to dry completely.

Longevity: Good wear time. It stayed on me intact for 5 days.

Removal: Difficult to remove like all glitter nail paints. Leaves no stains behind.

My verdict: The color is beautiful and so is the finish. I love how the glitters disperse evenly on the nails. Wear time is good as well.

Rating: 4.5/5 I wish the removal process of glitter nail paints are easy.





Maybelline ClearGlow BB Cream in shade 01 nude review, swatch and FOTD

Maybelline ClearGlow BB Cream in shade nude:

BB cream is my favorite when i have no time to get ready for small party at home or when i do not have enough time to get ready so this is my quick remedy for a glowy face.  BB cream is a tinted moisturizer, this can work both ways like a moisturizer and a foundation.

This BB cream claims to provide 8 benefits- brightens the face,evens tone,protects(SPF 21),hydrates,freshens, smoothes, clarifies,conceals. And true to its claims it gives my face a glow and even skin tone.

It comes in three shades, nude, natural and radiance. Today i am going to review shade 01 Nude.

MRP: Rs. 199

Packaging: BB cream comes in a cute small light green colored plastic tube with steel colored cap. It is very convenient to carry around in a handbag, it has a narrow dispensing nozzle tip which dispenses the right amount of cream at once.

Formula : Its tinted like a foundation but the consistency is lotion type, light weight and blends into the skin in no time. It provides a light coverage and glow.


-Can be used in place of foundation if your skin does not need too much coverage.
-It gives natural healthy appearance to face.
-Sun protection element present.


– Very limited shade selection(only comes in 3 shades).
– Not ideal for dry skin(use moisturizer before or mix with BB cream).

Ratings: 4/5. Overall it is a good Beauty Benefit cream for daily use in reasonable price.







Maybelline The Colossal kajal review, swatch

Maybelline The Colossal kajal

Colossal kajal has to be the most used product in my vanity. I am a colossal loyalist and this is an essential item in my daily office makeup routine. I mostly use it on my waterline and occasionally use on upper lash line and smudge it.

MRP: Rs. 175

Packaging: Same old yellow packaging, the color makes it easy to identify in the makeup stash. The twist up packaging is easy to use and leads to no product wastage as you need not to sharp it.

Formula: The formula is soft and creamy and glides easily. The formula doesn’t sting my eyes and didn’t caused any irritation.

Color coverage: It is not the blackest of black but gives nice black color in single swipe and you can build up the color with multiple swipes.

Longevity: It stays on my waterline for  4-5 hours and afterwards there is minor fading. After 7-8 hours there is significant fading and it transfers slightly to lower lash line. On the upper lash line it stayed on me for 2-3 hours and then started transferring to socket line but then my eye lids are oily and people with normal eye lids may experience better longevity.


-Nice and different packaging, at least it is not the same black twist up.
-Formula is nice, smooth which makes the application smoother.
-Good color payoff, it is not the blackest of black but then you can build up the color in multiple swipes
-Good wear time, it doesn’t fade away till the time you completely remove it with a remover.
-Does not irritate the eyes

-Doesn’t live up to its claim of 12 hours.
-Not totally smudge proof, I have experienced the slight transferring as well.

My verdict: It is a nice kajal considering the budget, color payoff and longevity. I recommend it.





NYX soft matte lip cream Monte Carlo Review, Swatch

NYX soft matte lip cream Monte Carlo Review

I had this shade in my bucket list for soooo long and luckily it was available on Sephora. SA told me that this was the only piece left… yay yayyyy. I felt like doing the Happy Dance there..hehe and grabbed it without wasting anytime. These lip creams are high in demand at Sephora Delhi and feel yourself lucky if you got the chance to get hold of these.

These are neither lip gloss nor lipsticks. These lip colors are one of a kind and you will feel them silky smooth on your lips. Today i am reviewing the shade Monte Carlo which is a berry tone red shade and would suit all skin tones.

MRP: Rs. 570 for 8ml

My Experience: I can’t say i am drooling over it, it is a nice shade but due to its matte nature it dries my lips immensely. It sits nicely on the lips but after 2-3 hours i felt dryness and it accentuates the fine lines.

  • Pros:
    Nice color, you will fall in love with the color.
    The applicator provides a precise finish and is very easy to use.
    Smooth texture, it feels very light on lips
    Highly Pigmented, one swipe covers the lip perfectly.
    Long wearing, provides 6-7 hours of wear time.
    Survives the meals and snacks, you may need little touch up around the corner and middle of the lips.
    Gives a nice glow to the face.
    Decent price.
  • Cons:
    Not an ideal formula and texture for the dry lips. You need to exfoliate your lips and moisturize them before the application.
    Accentuate the lip lines.
    Difficult to remove and leaves a stain behind.
    Availability is an issue, either you can order online or buy from Sephora.

My Rating: 4/5. One mark deducted for accentuating the fine lines and making the lips dry.


nyx monte carlo



NYX soft matte lip cream-Monte Carlo-review

Marie Claire from the house of Bata India Ltd.

Marie Claire Beige color footwear

I was looking for a pair of high heel sandals which would go with Jeans or Skirts. I didn’t wanted something glittery or too sober.  And my prayers got answered during one of the shopping trips to Connaught place. Bata is not the place i normally shoe shop, however these beauties were on display and instantly caught my eyes.

MRP: Rs. 1599

My Experience: These are not the type of shoes which you can wear while shopping trip to a mall or go street shopping. You can wear these to events where you mostly have to sit or roam around a bit.

I found the sole of the shoe hard, i wish it had a bit of cushioning and my problem would have been solved more or less.

The heel is 4.5 inch long, i do not usually wear heels with 3inch+ height. But i was too smitten by the color and design of the sandals and literally had THE CARRIE BRADSHAW moment..hehe. I had to have them 🙂

Overall i am happy with my purchase, i wore them to a Tea party, a formal get together and got really great comments from everyone.


Beautiful and clean design

Great mix of colors: The mix of beige and gold color makes a great combination.

Can match with variety of colors like all black outfit, red or green.

Efficient Grip: Shoes have a great grip due to front platform which provides a perfect stability to the feet.


Can not wear for long span of time.

Hard Sole.

My Rating: 3.5/5






_DSC0431 (3)



Soap and Glory hand food review

Soap and Glory hand food review

Soap and glory  is a fun, fresh, fearless, fantastic British brand with the belief that while beauty absolutely matters, it doesn’t matters absolutely. And what a lovely tag line it is. So while my maiden visit to Sephora, I made my first purchase for this brand. I was eying for a good hand cream as I my hands were feeling dry for some time and due to that fine lines were appearing prominently on the fingers. Although i was using Vaseline but i never really liked its greasy formula. I picked this hand food cream and somehow I knew it won’t disappoint me and I am happy to say it did not. I have been using it from past 2 days and I really like how moisturized it keeps my hands without giving that greasy feeling. Anyways, let’s jump to the review ladies.

MRP: Rs. 390 for 50 ml

Packaging: Ahhh.. Packaging is really cute. I love the pink squeeze tube with a flip top cap. Packaging is travel friendly. Tube opening is small and dispenses the sufficient amount of cream.

Description: Non greasy hand cream with Shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow
Instructions for use: apply as often as you want to soften, smooth and soothe dry, chapped, or otherwise hampered hands.

Fragrance : Fruity fragrance which is not too strong but is very soothing and stays on the hands for long. On tube it is described as Original Pink Fragrance.

Consistency/formula: Cream has thick consistency but is very easily absorbed on the hands. The non greasy formula is a plus point and keeps the hands hydrated and moisturized. The formula is so good that hands don’t feel dry even after you wash them. But I still recommend to reapply after washing the hands.

Cute and travel friendly packaging.
The nozzle allows the right amount of product to dispense.
Contains Shea butter which is known to be a superb moisturizer with exceptional healing properties for the skin.
Very moisturizing.
Nice fragrance.
Keeps the hands hydrated for long.
Basically it does what it claims.

People may find it expensive but the quality they are offering makes it worth the price paid.
Availability can be an issue.
I recommend!!

Rating: 5/5







Ciate Twilight Nail Polish Review and Swatch

Ciate Twilight Nail Polish Review and Swatch

This is my first purchase for Ciate London. I got hooked with the color of the nail polish the moment i tried it.  Black is my all time favorite nail color plus i love all the things glittery and full of shimmer. And this nail polish is the blend of both. Gorgeous black color with golden shimmer, what a combination!!

MRP: Rs. 1,000
Shade Name: Twilight
Size: 0.46 fl.Oz/13.5 ml

I got this from Sephora in Select City Walk, Saket.

Packaging: Square curved transparent bottle with a cute bow.

Formula: Neither too runny nor too dense. Shimmer is like glossy flecks and well blended in the nail polish itself.

Application: As the formula is very good so is the application.

Opacity: Provides full coverage in two coats. First coat is quiet transparent and the color builds after the second coat.

Brush: Perfect shape, soft bristles. Covers the nail in 2-3 swipes.

Longevity: I am testing it and will update soon.

Dry Time: Dry time is quick.

My Rating: 4.5/5. Half mark deducted for the price but I don’t think we can do much about it. Still it really pains my heart to spend 1000 bucks on a nail paint.


ciate twilight pic







ciate twilight swatch

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Cherry Drop

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Cherry Drop

Sally Hansen nail paints needs no introduction in Makeup World. I remember using them when I was a teenager. My Aunt used to send nail paints for my mom back then from Canada. At that time I was not aware of how hugely popular this brand is but I had always enjoyed the quality and selection of colors they provides. So my journey with Sally Hansen nailpaints is quiet long. Today I am reviewing Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Cherry Drop. It is a blood red color with little sand like particles. You can clearly feel the sand texture once you apply them and it provides a perfect matte finish.

MRP: Rs. 460.

Size: 0.4 oz/11.8 ml

I got it from Sally Hansen counter in Shoppers Stop at The Great India Place Noida.



Packaging: Square transparent bottle.

Formula: Awesome, I love the textured effect it gives.

Application: Application is easy if you use it with light hand applying the thin coats.

Opacity: Great, It gives the full coverage in 2 swipes.

Brush: Soft bristle, the brush is neither thin nor too large.


Longevity: Lasts 5-6 days with minor chipping.

Dry time: Dry time is quick. One coat dries up quickly, however second one takes time.

My Rating: 5/5. I Recommend !!






Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick 24H Water Proof in shade 009 Blamed Blue

Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick 24H Water Proof in shade 009 Blamed Blue

This is the another purchase i made from Nykaa and received it today along with Maybelline The Colossal Liner – Black. It is a lovely shade of blue with little shimmer. It can be used as an eye liner or eye shadow. Please find the pics and swatch below. I will post the detailed review very soon.

MRP: Rs. 415


DSC_0058 DSC_0060 DSC_0061 DSC_0062 DSC_0063blue eyeshadow1

Maybelline The Colossal Liner – Black

Maybelline The Colossal Liner – Black

In my previous post i listed what all I have bought from Nykaa Beauty Lovers Sale- the Valentine Edition. I received two items today and thought to share the pics and quick swatches with you all. I was eagerly waiting for Maybelline The Colossal Liner – Black and from the initial experience it seems it will not disappoint me. It is a new launch from Maybelline and I wish that it is a quality product like Maybelline colossal Kajal. The color is intense black; the tip is so pointy and appropriately flexible. The flexible movement makes it very easy to glide.

I will soon update how it fares on my eyelids. I would love to test its longevity. Till then enjoy the pics Ladies 🙂



DSC_0052 DSC_0053 DSC_0054 DSC_0057


pen liner


MAYBELLINE Eyestudio lasting drama GEL eyeliner(black)

MRP: Rs. 475

DSC_2169 DSC_2164 DSC_2171 DSC_2163

Even though I love various Maybelline products as they are easy on pocket and have great quality but Maybelline lasting drama gel liner is my favorite of all. It comes with a liner brush and it’s very easy to apply especially if you are a beginner. Its gel formula is very smooth to apply and the matte finish is too good.

I love using eyeliners since my college days and tried many, finally my search ended with Maybelline gel eye liner. I use it in place of kajal at times on my waterline because the gel is non irritant and water proof. It dries quickly and give your eyes a perfeccctt matte finish.

See the swatch below, how intensely black the color is.



Easy to apply.
Perfect black finish, very concentrated pigment.
Water proof and smudge proof.
Lasts really long without fading.
Gives you a matte finish, I am mad about matte eye liners.
Easy to remove with makeup remover or cleansing milk.

It is actually not a con but if you like glossy finish then this liner is not for you.

My rating: 4 ½ out of 5

So ladies…I strongly recommend this product. You can use this as a daily wear product and trust me it won’t ditch you. You will have all day long beautiful eyes with perfect matte finish liner.


OPI nail lacquer vernis a ongles esmalte de unas nagellack

OPI nail lacquer vernis a ongles esmalte de unas nagellack

MRP: Rs. 600

I am a BIGGG OPI fan and admire their nail paints for their awesome finish and longevity. This particular OPI nail paint was a random pick during one of my shopping trips to a shop nearby which sell many international brands. I liked the color then and there but was bit hesitant on spending 600 bucks on nail paint. After much debate in my mind I decided to pick this up and I am glad that I did 🙂

It is very gorgeous berry color, i am wearing two coats of it in pictures below.


The formula is neither runny nor dense.

Application is very smooth and even.

Two Coats give full coverage.

They didn’t chip for good 5 days.

Lovely Color: Color alone gets a plus from me.


Price is on high side.

My Rating: 4/5

IMG_2464IMG_2467IMG_2458 IMG_2459 IMG_2460 IMG_2463

Did you ever spend this much on a nail paint? I would love to know your thoughts.


Steve Madden P-Heaven Brown Belly Shoes

Nude color is a rage now days. I dream to own a pair of nude Louboutins someday 🙂

Ahem Ahem!! Enough of dreaming lets come back to reality. Few days back I purchased my first ever nude shoes from Steve Madden. I searched online and got the best deal on Jabong so I wasted no time and ordered straight away. I love Jabong for its speedy delivery and fast returns/exchange. I have been using this website for online purchase since long and never encountered any issue with their service. The shoes are named P-Heaven Brown Belly Shoes however it’s more of a nude shade than brown.

These are the most comfortable pair of flats I have. I just have one minor concern and wish it had a soft cushioning so as to give a long comfortable wear time.


  • Comfortable.
  • Color itself is a big plus point. You can pair it with variety of clothing options/colors.
  • Non Slip Shoe Grip.


  • I wish it had cushioning inside to give a Longgggg comfortable wear time.

It is still on SALE on Jabong if you wish to purchase.

Here is the Link:

Original MRP: Rs. 2999

I got it for Rs. 1679, isn’t it a Steal 🙂

IMG_2278 IMG_2280 IMG_2281 IMG_2282 IMG_2285 IMG_2288 IMG_2292




My Rating: 4/5

I love wearing them and recommend  these comfortable flats.

I would love to know your experience with Steve Madden Shoes. Do share 🙂



New Launch: MAC Technakohl liners in 27 shades

Description on MAC Website: A mechanical pencil-style liner. Its formula features a unique combination of plant-derived waxes, providing a soft, comfortable feel while staying smudge-resistant for up to eight hours. Blends on application: dries quickly to a long-wear, non-smudge finish. Versatile. An easy way to line the top and lower lash line of the eye. When applied at a 90-degree angle, provides a thin precision line. For thicker application, apply at a flat angle. In 27 bold new shades ranging from pearly to neon to gorgeously metallic.

MRP: Rs. 1,100

MAC technakohl liner

Liners are named as:

Snowed In
Sterling Silver
Bare Asset
Brass Band
Take the Plunge
Cast Iron
Bishop Blue
Image Conscious
Cool Jazz
Army Style

Colorbar Lip Definer Berry Rose 004

Colorbar Berry Rose is a gorgeous dark pink lip liner with matte finish.

Claim: Colorbar defines it as a perfect partner for your lipstick that keeps it in place for an all day look. This waterproof magic lip wand works as a fabulous lip filler which makes a proper matte base for your lips. The innovative refined formula follows and outlines the lip contour with an adjustable coverage and does not smudge. Application: Extra Precise, Extremely soft, Highly Pigmented, Rich colour pay-off, Full coverage.

MRP: Rs. 599




I am a Matte fan, I got tempted to use this lip liner due to its matte finish and how light it feels on lips. I first came across this lip liner while me and my sister HJK was shopping for her Bridal Makeup Kit. The moment we tried it on, we knew this would definitely going to make its place in the kit. It can be used as a base lip liner or on his own. I use standalone and loves the finish it gives. Being a matte lip liner the application is not so smooth but if you apply slight lip balm underneath then you will get a smooth application. I have dry lips so I always make sure to scrub and moisturize my lips well before applying any matte lipsticks or liners.

Pigmentation(5/5): It is very pigmented and gives a very good coverage.

Packaging(5/5): Packaging is very good and these liners comes with inbuilt sharpener so that makes them very handy.

Longevity(5/5): These are longest wearing lip liners I have tried so far. On me it stayed up to 7-8 hours during which I had snacks, meal.

Application(4/5): Application is not so smooth if you have dry lips, you need to moisturize your lips beforehand.


Overall I recommend this Lip Definer/Liner!!