Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick P168 review and swatch – New Launch

Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick P168

lakme enrich satin lipstick case

Lakme has recently revamped their lipstick range and launched the Lakme Enrich Satin Lipsticks priced at Rs. 260 which got me thinking to try them out and experience the results. So i wasted no time and picked a beautiful shade P168, eh?? you must be thinking what kind of a name that is. Well ladies that is the name of the shade, but this is the high time Lakme should think about naming their lipsticks, there is a tough competition out there specially when brands are coming up with the new launches every now and then. I would really like to name this shade..well..i should stop now and jump to the review. Let’s see how this one fares.

MRP: Rs. 260

Packaging: Beautiful transparent case, with the name of the shade written at the bottom. You can see the shade color from the top to identify it easily. The lipstick has Lakme engraved at the top, i loved the overall packaging.

Lakme enrich satin lipstick-P168

Color: Lakme Erich Satin lipstick P168 is a lovely shade of dark pink but more inclined towards the purple. You can say it is a mix of pink and purple. This color would suit all the skin tones.

Texture/Formula: The texture is oh so smooth, it has a buttery texture and glides dreamily on the lips. The formula is non drying and keeps the lips hydrated. The minor gripe is that the color transfers on cups and glasses.

Application: The smooth and buttery texture is ideal for application. You don’t even need to prepare your lips before application, it doesn’t highlight dryness on Lips and neither it settles into lip lines.

Pigmentation: It provides good color coverage in single swipe, Lakme has truly worked on mostly all aspects for this range. You can build up the color in multiple swipes and it will not look patchy at all. Intensity of the color can be controlled.

Longevity: It stayed on me for 4-5 hours including meals and tea in between and then leaves a hint of beautiful pink color behind. Considering the price range the wear time is very good.

Removal: Easily removable with a cleanser or a makeup remover.

Staining: The bad part is that it stains the lips, not heavily but it does stain.


  1. Nice and trendy packaging.
  2. The range has variety of colors to choose from.
  3. Texture is buttery smooth.
  4. It does not dry the lips.
  5. Formula is ideal for application.
  6. Does not highlight the dryness.
  7. It does not settles into the lip lines.
  8. Keeps the lips hydrated.
  9. Enriched with Olive oil and vitamin E.
  10. Very good pigmentation.
  11. Good wear time considering the price.
  12. Affordable


  1. Transfers on cups and glasses.
  2. Stains the lips.
  3. Wear time can be a issue for some, but considering the price range it should not be an issue. Within this much of price we are getting a really good product.

My Verdict: I applaud Lakme India for revamping and launching these Lakme Enrich Satin Lipsticks. They have amazing texture, good color payoff, variety of shades and very affordable.

Rating: 4.5/5

lakme enrich satin lipstick-swatch

lakme enrich satin lipstick swatch

Lakme enrich satin lipstick P168 reviewLakme enrich satin lipstick P168 review

lakme enrich satin lipstick P168 swatch


Colorbar deep Matte Lip Creme Deep Rust 006 review and Swatch – New Launch

Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Creme Deep Rust 006

Colorbar recently launched Matte Lip Creme in India. Me and Mr. Husband was in waiting list for our Dinner Date at Pind Balluchi so i made a quick trip to Colorbar counter at TGIP and tried these Matte Lip Creme. There are totally 10 shades and i liked Deep Rust the most which is a lovely rusty orange shade and only orange shade in this range.

MRP: Rs. 675

colorbar matte




Here is what colorbar says about Matte Lip Creme:


An ultra-silky, virtually “weightless” texture that unveils unexpected moussy finish with impeccable high pigmentation color for high coverage effect.

These innovative combinations of ingredients give the formula special gliding consistency to coat lips with deep colors that have a matte, yet intensely bright effect.

Features and benefits:

  • Stays up to  8hrs
  • Weightless Emollient oils for an impalpable texture
  • Silicon Polymers for a mousse and Velvet Touch
  • Jellifying Agents for moisturisation
  • Texturing Powders for smooth application
  • Paraben Fee
  • Fragrance Free

I am an Avid lover of Matte Lip shades and always prefer them over satiny and glossy lip shades, mainly because of their staying power and non-transfer property.

Packaging: The matte lip creme comes in a long tube with silver cap and doe foot applicator which makes the application very easy. The applicator takes out enough gloss at a time and you need not to dip it again and again.


Color: Rusty Orange color, the only orange in this Matte Lip Creme Range. The Range has all the muted colors and not over the top dark colors, very ideal for summer season.


Texture/Formula: Texture is thick and creamy and evenly spreads out on the lips. I did not had any problem with the texture during application.  The texture remains glossy after the application and settles into matte finish after an hour or so. It also keeps the lips hydrated, however as the cautionary measure i always moisturize lips before applying any matte formula.

Application: Application is very smooth and creamy texture helps the Matte Lip Creme to spread out evenly on lips. The SA at Colorbar suggested to dab the color with doe foot applicator and then press both of the lips together to spread out the color, i found this application technique helpful.

Pigmentation: As i tried all the available colors under this range, i found all of them highly pigmented and provides good color coverage in one swipe. Deep Rust too provided the full color coverage in one swipe, you can build up the color with multiple swipes or simply dab the applicator on lips and then press them together for a toned down look.

Longevity: It stayed on me for good 5-6 hours and then leaves a beautiful orange tint behind which stayed for another 2 hours. Deep Rust needs the  touch-up after the meals as color fades away from the center and corner of the lips. It also transfers little on cups and glasses.

Removal: It is very easy to remove, you can either remove it with a cleanser or water based remover.

Staining: It doesn’t stain lips at all.


  1. Beautiful Rusty orange shade, very ideal for summer season.
  2. Smooth creamy texture.
  3. Non Drying Matte  formula
  4. Glides easily on lips, ideal for application.
  5. Sets to beautiful soft matte finish.
  6. Doesn’t dry the lips even after wearing it for long.
  7. Good staying power considering it is a soft matte lip creme.


  1. Takes time to set into matte finish.
  2. Transfers.
  3. I wish it stayed a little longer, however being a soft matte lip creme it does its work perfectly.

My Verdict: I loved it!!from the color to the texture of it i am in love with Deep Rust and can not wait to try other shades from this range. I just wish it would have a longer wear time so that i will be having soft rusty orange lips through out the day.

Rating: 4.5/5

colorbar matte gloss


Maybelline Express Finish 40 seconds Turquoise Lagoon review

Maybelline Express Finish 40 seconds – Turquoise Lagoon

I am bored of seeing reds, browns and pink shades on my nails, so thought of trying pastel shade this time. Pastels in summers are such a breezy thing, i love to wear pastel colors that doesn’t make my hands look dull. This Maynelline Express Turquoise Lagoon is one such color. Awesome color, texture and glossy finish, Maybelline nailed it this time. I have other colors from this range which i will be reviewing soon.

What Maybelline India says about this Range:

MRP: Rs. 220. I bought it for Rs. 200, may be price has been revised.

Why You’ll Love It
•Quick dry anti chip formula and vivid shades
•Unique Control-Flow brush applies only the required amount of nail color for a smooth and even application
•Long lasting color in 18 dazzling shades.
•From wet to set in 40 seconds

Expert Tip
With one sweep, paint the first line of nail polish up the center of your nail starting from the base to the tip. For the cleanest look, be sure to leave a small space at the base of the nail. Then apply color to the rest of the nail with additional sweeps of polish on each side of the original line. Let your nails dry before applying a second coat.

Lets get started with reviewing this gorgeous shade.

Color: Beautiful Turquoise shade that comes as a cool breeze in summers. Perfect summer shade.

maybelline express nail polish

maybelline express finish

Formula/Texture: The Formula is perfect, neither too runny nor too thick. The best part is it sets and dries quickly, which is why i love this range the most. It is perfectly in tune with the fast pace life we people are living.

Brush:  Brush is wide and ideal for precise application, it cover my nails in just two swipes. It fans out over the nail distributing the color uniformly, but the credit for it also goes to its texture. Haven’t the texture be so good the brush would not be able to bring out the uniform color.


Application: Application is smooth thanks to the wonderful formula and wide brush. The application is very uniform with no streakiness at all.


Opacity: Great, provides full coverage in just 2 swipes. The color on the nails comes out to be exactly same as that in bottle.

Dry Time: Dry time is really quick as claimed by Maybelline. I applied the second coat right after completing the first coat on all the finger nails and noticed that first coat was completely dry.

Longevity: I had a wear time of 5 days. But i do not do much of the household work, the longevity may vary for the ladies who do so.
Removal: Easy to remove, i had applied 2 coats.

I really recommend to all the lovely ladies out there to try this shade. You will love it!!

My Rating: 5/5



Below i have applied Colorbar Black fiesta Masquerade as a top coat and i am in love with the output. See below 🙂

colorbar masquerade

I would love to hear your thoughts, do you love pastels in summers?


Catwalk Pink Stilettos review and pics

Catwalk Pink Stilettos

catwalk women shoes

Today I am going to introduce and share my experience with an Indian footwear brand Catwalk. Catwalk is an Indian brand based in Mumbai, the company was founded in 1990.

I bought these beautiful peep toe slingback heels from Jabong. This brand is not new to me and I have bought many shoes (mostly flats) from this brand but my experience have been bitter and sweet. These heels were a random purchase while doing online shopping as I like all things glittery and full of sequins. My jaw dropped when I saw them in real, they are one of the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen. But the bad news is that these are now Sold out on Jabong.

MRP: Rs. 2,495 but i got it for Rs. 840 during Sale.

Product Info and description as described on Jabong: Go girl, rule the streets with this pair of pink coloured sandals by Catwalk. Let the sun go down for uncomfortable shoes, as you opt for this pair of sandals that is crafted using comfortable resin sole. Club this pair with a maxi dress and chunky bangles for a retro look.

Sole Material: Resin Sheet

Inner Linning: Synthetic

Heel Shape: Stiletto

Heel Height: 3.2 Inch

Upper Material: Synthetic

Shoe Care: Surface Dirt can be cleaned with a good quality brush or a damp cloth. Use shoe shiner for better results.

catwalk shoe closeup

catwalk sequin shoes

catwalk pink glitter shoes

catwalk heels

My Experience: These Stilettos are the most comfortable pair of stilettos i own. I have paired them with a Dorothy Perkins fit and flare dress and a traditional punjabi salwar suit as well and both times it added an extra edge to the outfit. As the footwear is slingback (the elastic strap at the closing) so it provides a good grip to the foot hence reducing the chances of Slipping. I personally prefers Slingback shoes rather than Slip ons as i feel Slingbacks provides a stability on the floor and a solid grip as well.


  1. Gorgeous color with glitters and sequins embedded.
  2. Moderate heels considering these are stilettos.
  3. Very comfortable to wear.
  4. Due to slingback nature it provides a very good grip to the feet.
  5. Can pair up with both traditional and western outfits.
  6. Doesn’t require much of the maintenance, very easy to clean.

My recommendation is to grab them if you see them available online or in a store. These are the most comfortable and moderate heeled stilettos, by comfortable i do not mean that you can run errands wearing them but you can wear them for long hours where you do not have to walk much and can have an option to sit and relax your feet.

catwalk sandals

catwalk heels

catwalk shoes

I would love to hear your thoughts, did you like them as much as i do?


Sleek True Color Lipstick Cherry review, swatch and pics

Sleek True Color Lipstick Cherry Review

sleek true color lipstick



Today i am going to review an another product from my previous Haul. I am an avid lover of dark colors, i feel they make my face glow and gives an edge to the whole look. Today i am going to review such a shade from the Sleek MakeUP called Cherry.

Claims: A highly pigmented, non drying, conditioning sheen lipstick that helps to keep lips soft and supple. Contains Vitamin E which helps to hydrate and protect lips from free radicals that cause premature ageing.


MRP: Rs. 815.50

Ingredients: Mentioned below:

sleek lipstick

Color: Color is a gorgeous dark cherry shade.It is a perfect fall shade.

sleek lipstick-review


Texture: Oh the texture is so smooth, it glides dreamily on the lips. It does not settle into lip lines and doesn’t dry the lips either. Perfect Texture!!

Application: As the texture is smooth so it provides flexibility in application as well. The bullet shape is so perfect for lining and filling out the lips. There is no pulling and tugging and it is one of those lipsticks where you need not to be worrying about the precise application, it is very easy to apply.

Pigmentation: Pigmentation is awesome, just one swipe is needed to cover the lips.

Longevity: Due to its creamy nature it doesn’t stay for long on the lips. I had a wear time of 4-5 hours, tea and meals included.

Staining: It does not stain the lips. I removed it with Sephora oil based remover and it got off easily and left no stains behind.

sleek lip color


  1. Nice color
  2. Very smooth and buttery texture.
  3. It does not highlight the dry/chapped lips.
  4. Does not make the lips dry.
  5. Does not settles into lip lines.
  6. Ideal Application.
  7. Highly Pigmented.
  8. Contains Vitamin E which claims to prevent premature ageing.


  1. Not so good staying power.
  2. It does transfer on cups and glasses.

My Verdict: If you are looking for a ideal fall shade or love deep dark shades then this color is for you. Do try it out for its creamy texture and awesome pigmentation.

Rating: 4/5



Luxola Haul- Sleek Makeup Haul

Luxola Haul- Sleek Makeup Haul

Luxola website was launched in India in October last year, i was very excited when i first heard about it. It would facilitate the Indian makeup lovers to try out different international brands such as Sleek Makeup, 3CE, Deborah Lippmann, Zoeva etc. I have been reading rave reviews about the Sleep Makeup and purchased them during my maiden shopping experience with Luxola. I have not experienced any problem in ordering and delivery of the products, it was very smooth like other shopping websites in India.  There is just one drawback, they have free delivery above the purchase of Rs. 2,300. So if you want to shop from luxola, make sure to buy the items collectively. The delivery was very smooth and i received all the products in good condition. The order reached me within 5-6 days. The package was well cushioned and packed very nicely.

This is how i received my package:

luxola package

luxola inside packaging

luxola haul

I had ordered following products:

1. Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matte V1
2. Sleek MakeUP Brow Kit
3. Sleek MakeUP Pout Paint- Port
4. Sleek MakeUP True Colour Lipstick
5. Received two samples of Benta Berry Scrub/ Soin Gommant Purifant Regulateur.

Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matte V1

MRP: Rs. 997.00

sleek eye shadow palette

Sleek MakeUP Brow Kit

MRP: Rs. 847.00

sleek brow kit

Sleek MakeUP Pout Paint- Port

MRP: Rs. 815.50

sleek pout paint

Sleek MakeUP True Colour Lipstick

MRP: Rs. 815.50

sleek true color lipstick

 This is the first time i will be trying Sleek MakeUP, lets see how this fares. I will be posting the detailed review of the items very soon. Till then enjoy the pics.


Mango Liesel C Blue Belly Shoes Review and Pics

Mango Liesel C Blue Belly Shoes Mango main pick

I have been thinking to review a mix of Indian and International Shoe brands for the Blog. Today i am going to share my experience with my new purchase of MANGO shoes. MANGO is an internationally famous multinational which designs, manufactures and markets women’s and men’s clothing and accessories. The company is based in in Palau Solità i Plegamans (Barcelona).

I am a sucker of comfortable heels which i can manage to wear in office or a short trip to mall or an evening out with family. My definition of comfortable heels means heels that are not  high than 3 inches. It is really difficult to find heels of this much height for international brands. All the jaw dropping designs are in high heels  i.e. above 5 inches 🙁
So during an extensive research i settled upon these blue beauties from Mango. I am hooked with the color and impeccable finish.

MRP: Rs. 5590

Mango shoes review

I am a EUR size 38 and these are bit loose for me. These MANGO shoes are made from suede leather and have a resin sole.

Heel: 2.5 Inch

Sole Material: Resin Sheet

Inner Lining: Synthetic

Upper Material: Suede Leather

Closing: Slip On

These shoes are super comfortable, however they are one size big for me but i guess i will wear them with stockings in the winters or use a cushioning sole/bed for better fit.

Totally Recommend them 🙂

mango shoes description

Mango shoes review online

mango nicely packed

Mango shoes

Mango shoes side view

mango shoes on shoesnmakeup

Mango shoes-online


H2O plus Sea Clear Mattifying Cleansing Mousse Review

H2O plus Sea Clear Mattifying Cleansing Mousse
(Formulated to refine oil-prone skin, this mattifying cleanser foams away surface shine and impurities. )

MRP: Rs. 1,200 for 150 ML

h2o plus cleansing mousse

Official URL:

Here is what H2O plus claims about the product:

Oil-Controlling Marine Blend :

A dynamic composition of algae that neutralizes oil prone skin while delivering essential moisture.

  • Gigartina: Red fan-like spores that thrive in brisk marine waters near Ireland and Scotland; rich in trace minerals known to help to regulate oil production.
  • Neptune Kelp:Golden brown algae that form towering deep-sea canopies near New Zealand; helps decrease skin’s oil output by calming overactive sebaceous glands.
  • Dulse: Reddish-purple leaves that sprawl along the north Atlantic coast; naturally hydrates the skin while absorbing excess surface oil

Olive Leaf Extract : Recognized for its medicinal properties in Egypt and throughout the Mediterranean for centuries, olive leaf is a natural antiseptic and astringent, eliminating breakout-causing bacteria from deep within pores.

Salicylic Acid : Derived from white willow, salicylic acid is a naturally occurring beta hydroxy acid (BHA). It helps prevent clogged pores by slowing down the rate at which the skin sheds cells. Anti-inflammatory effects calm redness and help reduce pimples or razor burn.

Direction to Use: Massage over damp face. Rinse.

Ingredients: Aqua/Water/Eau, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Decyl Glucoside, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Cinnamomum Cassia Bark Extract, Crithmum Maritimum Extract, Gigartina Stellata Extract, Himanthalia Elongata Extract, Laminaria Saccharina Extract, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Extract, Palmaria Palmata Extract, Sanguisorba Officinalis Root Extract, Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Allantoin, Butylene Glycol, Disodium EDTA, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hexylene Glycol, Laureth-3, Linoleamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate, Lysine Carboxymethyl Cysteinate, Lysine Thiazolidine Carboxylate, Maris Sal/Sea Salt/Sel Marin, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Cocoyl Apple Amino Acids, Sodium Sulfate, Trisodium Sulfosuccinate, Butylparaben, Diazolidinyl Urea, Ethylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Propylparaben, Parfum/Fragrance, Linalool, CI 42053 / Green 3, CI 47005 / Yellow 10


  • Gentle oil-free formula removes impurities without stripping away surface moisture to minimize and prevent breakouts
  • Olive tree leaf extract to help prevent the formation of excess surface shine for a lasting, matte complexion
  • Deep-sea dulse, Neptune kelp and Gigartina help neutralize oil to banish shine helps reduce the production of excess oil

Below is the My Review of H2O plus Sea Clear Mattifying Cleansing Mousse:

Packaging: The mousse comes in a mix of dark and green color opaque bottle with white cap and a pump dispenser. The dispenser operates very smoothly and dispenses the adequate amount of product.

h2o plus sea clear

Texture: The Mousse has a very light foamy texture which forms leather upon application. It does not feel harsh on skin and doesn’t wipe off the needed moisture from the skin.

h2o plus mousse dispenser

Application: I take out 2 pumps on my palm and then apply smoothly in circular motions on my face and neck. Kindly make sure to use only adequate amount of cleanser, start with one pump and if you feel it is not cleansing the face properly then you can take out more product. It will dry your skin if more product is used than required.

facewash swatch

Result: I have been using this from past one and a half year. As the name specifies it really gives the matte effect on face after use and keeps a check on oil excretion as well. I have very oily skin in summers and this is my only saviour during hot summers. It keeps my skin oil-free for 5-6 hours. I use it in the morning before going to office and then in the evening when I come back.

Foamy and light weight texture
Feels very gentle on skin
Doesn’t dry out the skin if right amount is used.
Cleanses the face thoroughly
No oil residuals left behind
Helps in oil control
Keeps the skin oil-free for 5-6 hours but then it depends on person to person. I have very oily skin.

Very expensive.
Bottle is opaque making it difficult to know when product will finish.

My Verdict: I will recommend it to all the oil skinned beauties, do give it a try and I am sure it will not disappoint you. Just make sure to use right amount for your face and neck otherwise it will make the skin too dry.

Rating: 5/5


Maybelline the Colossal Kohl Crushed Emerald review and Swatches

Maybelline the Colossal Kohl Crushed Emerald

MRP:  Rs. 249

crushed emerland

I have previously reviewed Smoked Silver and today i am reviewing the other kohl from the same range.

Color: Beautiful dark green color with mild shimmer.


Packaging: Same old yellow packaging with a hint of green shade and name written at the bottom which makes it easy to identify and locate. It is a twist up liner and doesn’t require any sharpening hence no product wastage. This time there is no packaging carton that we used to get with black and turquoise.


Texture: Texture is hard if we compare it to its previous family i.e. black and turquoise but its not too hard either.

Application: Application is easy, you can apply with slight heavy hand as well and it won’t break. The slight hard liners makes the application easy and smooth as we won’t be having the fear of breakage.

Pigmentation: Pigmentation is above average but not too good, it needs multiple swipes to build the color.

Longevity: It stayed on my waterline and lower eye lid for 5-6 hours with slight fading. On my upper lash line it stayed on 3-4 hours and then started transferring. But then I have oily eye lids, the longevity may vary for others.

close up maybelline green liner




  1. Lovely Color
  2. Ideal texture
  3. Smooth application
  4. Doesn’t break unlike previous two kajal’s of the same family i.e. Black and Turquoise.
  5. Good Staying power.
  6. Buildable color coverage, you can increase the intensity by multiple swipes.


  1. No Packaging Carton as earlier.
  2. Not as Pigmented as black colossal kajal,  pigmentation can be improved.

My Verdict: I am happy with it, the color is nice so is the texture. I wish the staying power was little longer.

Rating: 4/5


Chambor Extreme Matte Long Wear Lipcolor – 8 Shades

Chambor Extreme Matte Long Wear Lipcolor – 8 Shades

Official Website:

Description on their website: Extremely soft & creamy texture gives a velvety matte finish. Hydrating lightweight formula with rich pigments, does not dry out lips. Super long wear, waterproof.

Application Tips: Use for lining, all-over lip color, or pairing with another lip product.

Last Year Chambor had launched 8 shades under this range:

  1. Burnt Rose
  2. Honey Rose
  3. Fiery Red
  4. Aztec Brick
  5. Indulgent Bordeaux
  6. Earthy Red
  7. Exotic Fuscia
  8. Blazing Orange

I have bought the shade Earthy Red, you can find the review of Earthy Red here.

I have also swatched other shades at the counter, here they are in the image below:


Top: From Left to Right

1. Aztec Brick

2. Indulgent Bourdeaux

3. Earthy Red

4. Burnt Rose

Bottom: From Left to Right

5. Blazing Orange

6. Exotic Fuschia

7. Fiery Red

8. Honey Rose

Blazing Orange is the next shade in my wish-list. Hope these swatches will be helpful for you to decide your color.


Chambor Extreme Matte Long Wear Lipcolor- Earthy Red review and swatch

Chambor Extreme Matte Long Wear Lipcolor- Earthy Red

Chambor lipstick

earthy red

Official Website:

Description on their website: Extremely soft & creamy texture gives a velvety matte finish. Hydrating lightweight formula with rich pigments, does not dry out lips. Super long wear, waterproof.

I am a sucker for Matte Lipsticks. While window shopping one day i came across this beautiful matte lipstick by Chambor.  I tried out two shades one was Aztec Brick and other was Earthy Red on which  i finally settled, mainly because of the gorgeous color. The range has beautiful Red shade as well, named Fiery Red but since i am hooked with MAC Ruby woo so i thought to try out some other color. Lets jump to the review now.

MRP: Rs. 795


Color: Earthy red is a beautiful dark brown shade with the hint of red. You can say it is an amalgamation of dark brown and red color.


Packaging: Chubby Crayon packaging with transparent plastic cap. I so wish them to be twist up crayons instead of sharpening one. I also have one minor gripe, the transparent plastic cap seems to be very delicate and may crack with slight mishandling.

Ingredients: Ingredients are listed below:  ingredients

Texture: Although it is a matte lipstick but it has very soft, creamy and buttery texture. It glides on lips very smoothly, there is no pulling and tugging. I absolutely loved the texture, i wish all the matte lipsticks have this kind of texture. Chambor has earned brownie points from my side for the texture itself and i will surely be keeping an eye on their new launches. There is one negative aspect as well, being the matte lipsticks they can highlight the fine lines and flakes on lips. It is always advisable to scrub and moisturize your lips before applying any matte lipstick. It doesn’t dry the lips unlike many matte lipsticks.

Application: Being the creamy texture, the applications is very easy. However as i said earlier the matte lipsticks tend to highlight the dryness or flakes on lips, so in such cases the application will not be smooth and forgiving.

Opacity: It is very opaque, one swipe provides the full color coverage.

Longevity: It stayed on me for 5-6 hours with slight fading in the middle and corner of lips, meals and drinks are included in this wear time.

Staining: Yes, Earthy Red does stain the lips. You need a good makeup remover to remove the stains completely.

chambor-earthy red



  • Smooth and buttery texture.
  • Doesn’t dry the lips.
  • Easy and precise application.
  • Very pigmented, provides good color coverage.
  • Long wear time.
  • Minimum transfer.
  • Doesn’t feel heavy on lips.


  • Sharpening leads to product wastage.
  • No sharpener provided.
  • Packaging is not handy and travel friendly, cap may crack easily.

My Verdict: I loved the color and texture of the lipstick. I will be soon trying out the other shades from this range.

Rating: 4/5


Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Sour Apple review and swatch

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Sour Apple

sugar coat

Sour Apple is my recent addition in Sally Hansen Sugar Coat textured nail color. I am a sucker for sand coat/sugar coat nail paints. I was waiting for my Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow to complete its 5 day test. As soon as it was done i picked this shade for review.

MRP: Rs. 460.

Size: 0.4 oz/11.8 ml

Packaging: Square transparent bottle.

Color: Light Mint green color.

sour apple brush

sally hansen sour apple

Formula: Awesome, I love the textured effect it gives.

Application: Application is easy if you use it with light hand applying the thin coats.

Opacity: Great, It gives the full coverage in 2 swipes.

Brush: Soft bristle, the brush is neither thin nor too large.

Dry time: Dry time is quick. One coat dries up quickly, however second one takes time.

Longevity: I am currently wearing this shade and will update soon.

Removal: Will update soon.

Till that time enjoy the pics ladies.


sally hansen sour-apple
sour apple2

sour apple1

sour apple sally hansen sugar coat

sally hansen sour apple


Revlon Colorburst Matte balm Striking review and swatches

Revlon Colorburst Matte balm Striking||0

revlon striking


I am hooked with Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Sultry and religiously using it from some time now. The soft matte texture of sultry inclined me to check other colors in this range. I zeroed down Striking because I was looking for a mild red color lipstick. Let’s see how this one fairs.

Description on Revlon’s website:
Vibrant colors infused with a Triple Butter Complex give you a bold, beautiful lip. It’s a burst of matte color with a balm-like feel. Go bold and get moisturized in 10 craveable, collectible shades.


  • Velvety color + balm-like moisture
  • Infused with a Triple Butter Complex of shea, mango, and coconut butter
  • Retractable chubby crayon, no sharpener required

MRP: Rs.800 for 2.7g

Color: Mild red color with a slight hint of orange. The color looked very pretty when I swatched it on my hand but on lips it came out entirely different. On my lips it came out as very light red shade as if I had applied a glossy balm instead of matte balm.


Texture: The texture is balmy and glossy. On hand it looks uniform but as soon as you apply it on lips you will see little uneven chunks or color fragments laying on the lips.

Fragrance: It has minty fragrance and i felt the cooling sensation on my lips while applying it, although it doesn’t stay for long.

Application: It is smooth to apply and glides nicely on the lips. But It highlights fine lines and dry and chapped lips. You definitely needs to scrub and moisturize the lips prior to the application.

Pigmentation: In hand swatch you will see a very warm and mild red shade but on lips it miserably fails to give the opaque coverage. The color coverage is very very poor and disappointing. I felt like banging my head when I had applied it for the first time and after an hour or so my colleague commented on the greasy chunks clinging on my lips. If you have pigmented lips this shade is not for you.

Top one is Sultry and bottom one is Striking.

Longevity: I had a wear time of 2-3 hours with drinking sips of water and no eating. It fades unevenly and leaves a disappointing red tint behind which doesn’t look good.


  • Nice color


  • Disappointing texture
  • Accentuate the dryness on lips
  • Light color coverage
  • Unflattering uneven fragments shows on lips after some time.
  • Poor wear time considering the price
  • No value for money
  • Fades unevenly

My verdict: I am very dissatisfied with Revlon matte striking. Disappointing texture, poor color coverage and wear time and uneven finish. I will not recommend this to anyone. It seems like I wasted my hard earned money on this product.

Rating: 1/5. One point just for color.

Revlon Colorburst Matte balm Striking swatch Revlon Colorburst Matte balm Striking



Colorbar True lip gloss Nectar Orange and Vintage Rose: Review and Swatch

MRP: Rs. 550

colobar orange and pink gloss

nector orange

Nectar Orange: Bright orange shade.
Vintage Rose: Dark pink shade.

vintage rose

doe foot applicator

Packaging: The gloss comes in a long tube with silver cap and doe foot applicator which makes the application very easy. The applicator takes out enough gloss at a time and you need not to dip it again and again.

Texture: The texture is thick, creamy and non drying. I hate sticky glosses which is why I love Colorbar true glosses, although they have thick texture but they are absolutely non sticky. They set on the lips after some time giving a semi matte finish.


Application: The doe foot applicator is ideal for application. As the texture is really good so it applies smoothly on the lips and gives an even finish. It doesn’t look patchy at all.

Opacity: This is the area which took my breath away, what a color coverage, it is fantastic!! These glosses are intensely pigmented, a very strong point which inclined me towards them at first place.

Longevity: I had a wear time of 5-6 hours after which these starts to fade.  I usually wear them with colorbar lip definers for long wear time. But they have decent longevity on their own as well. It transfers a little on the cups and glasses.


  • Vast rang to choose from.
  • Applicator does its job perfectly
  • Thick, creamy and non drying texture
  • Non sticky and very comfortable on lips.
  • Even application on lips.
  • Superbly pigmented
  • Doesn’t transfer much on cups/glasses
  • Moisturizing
  • Good wear time.

My verdict: If you love wearing glosses this is the product for you. All I have is positive things to say about it. I love the texture, finish and wear time. I highly recommend these glosses.

Rating: 5/5

fotd nectar orange

pic-vintage rose


Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme wear In the Spotlight review and swatches

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme wear In the Spotlight 440

MRP: Rs. 250



Color: It is a transparent top coat with hologram stringy glitter.

Texture: Texture is a bit on runny side which I like. I do not like the top coats with very think texture, they give a patchy look.

Application: Application is smooth, however you need to take care of the placement of the glitters. My advise is to apply with light hand so that you can control the flow and placement as well.

Longevity: I had a wear time of 4 days as the base  started chipping(see the last picture). I was wearing it on the top of Mello Yellow shade from the same range, the stringy glitters were intact even after 4 days. I will again use it on a good base to check the wear time.

Removal: Removal was easy unlike other glittery nail paints.


DSC_0974 (2)

DSC_0970 (2)

DSC_0954 (2)



Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme wear Mellow Yellow 360 Review and Swatch

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme wear Mellow Yellow

Sally Hansen nail paints have carved their niche in Indian Market. I feel so blessed that they have opened a counter at Shoppers Stop in TGIP Noida. You will get to see me reviewing many Sally Hansen nail paints in coming days. Today I am reviewing the shade yellow mellow. As summer season is approaching so it is going to be all about beige and pastel colors. I too was looking for a bright yellow shade and my prayers got answered when I found one at Sally Hansen counter.

MRP: Rs. 250

I got the shade in the spotlight from the same range free with this. I will be soon posting the detailed review of that as well.



Packaging: Tall round bottle with silver metallic cap. The name of the shade is written on the top of the cap.

Color: Very beautiful bright yellow color.

Pigmentation: The pigmentation is not good. First coat doesn’t give the full coverage, you need 2-3 coats to achieve that.

Texture: The texture is quiet runny and may be difficult to manage for an amateur.

Application: Being the runny nature of texture the application can be quiet tricky. I would advise to take out minimum product on brush and then apply.

Finish: Finish is bit streaky, I didn’t liked the look of first coat. In pictures below I have applied two coats and top coat to even out the streaks.

Longevity: I am disappointed with the wear time. It started chipping from the 4th day onwards, see the last pic.

Removal: It is very easy to remove.

final sally
final sally yellow

final sally hansen





COLORBAR DEFINER LIP LINERS – Just Coral and Mad pink Review and Swatches

Here comes my personal favorite lip liners.  You might have checked the review of Berry Rose with my Sista PJK and here i am with 2 more shades of Colorbar lip liners, just coral 008 and mad pink 011.

MRP: Rs. 599

Few may find the price bit heavy on the pocket but believe me it is totally worth it when you will experience the good quality and long wear time. The size of these lip liners are also long as compared to others in market.

Description on Colorbar Website:
Here comes a perfect partner for your lipstick that keeps it in place for an all day look.This waterproof magic lip wand works as a fabulous lip filler which makes a proper matte base for your lips. The innovative refined formula follows and outlines the lip contour with an adjustable coverage and does not smudge.

Extra Precise, Extremely soft, Highly Pigmented, Rich color pay-off, Full coverage.

Below is my review of these two Lip Liners:

Packaging: These comes in  silver sleek box packaging. The liner comes in a pencil body with black cap which has an inbuilt sharpener. The pencil has dipped end for immediate shade recognition. The plus point is built in sharpener, you need not to worry about carrying a one separately.

Texture: Being these matte liners the texture is not creamy and unsuitable for dry lips.  I would recommend scrubbing and moisturizing the lips beforehand.

Application: Use a lip balm underneath for a smooth application otherwise there will be lot of tugging and pulling.

Pigmentation: These lip liners are so rich in color and immensely pigmented.

Longevity: The colors are absolutely long lasting and smudge proof.
all threeFrom Top to Bottom: Berry Rose, Just Coral and Mad Pink.

all three liners

bullet of all three linesLeft to Right: Mad Pink, Just Coral, Berry Rose


Top to Bottom: Berry Rose, Just Coral and Mad Pink.

just coral-close up
Here i am wearing Just Coral.

DSC_2199Here i am wearing Mad Pink.

Berry Rose is reviewed here.


  • Built in Sharpener
  • The pencils are longer than standard sizes available in the market.
  • Matte Formula, doesn’t transfer and smudge.
  • Dipped end for immediate shade recognition.
  • Highly pigmented
  • Long Lasting


  • Leads to product wastage during sharpening.
  • Tip tends to break easily during sharpening.
  • Pricey.

MY  VERDICT: I definitely encourage you ladies to at least add one lip definer from this range in your makeup collection. It is an awesome product.

Rating: 4.5/5



LAKME 9 to 5 lip liner Red Alert review and swatch

Lakme 9 to 5 lip liner Red Alert

Lakme 9 to 5 lip liner is most used liner in my vanity. Lip liners are an absolute necessity when you need defined lips or you want to increase the wear time of your lipstick. It was totally worth to invest in lakme’s 9 to 5 lip liner because it is so soft to apply, color is awesome, deeply pigmented and long lasting. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a sharpener, that may be a problem if you don’t have one or forgot to carry.

MRP: Rs. 375


Packaging: Liner comes in a wooden pencil,light pink in color with transparent cap. The end is color coded that makes it really easy to identify the color.



Color: Color is beautiful deep red.

Texture: Texture is really creamy and smooth, it glides very easily on the lips.

Application: Application is very easy, there is no tugging and pulling on lips. Being the texture so rich and smooth the color spreads evenly on the lips.

Finish: Matte

Pigmentation: Highly pigmented, gives deep red color in single swipe. You can build up the color in multiple swipes and it will not look patchy at all.

Longevity: Very long wearing color, i had the wear time of 6-7 hours with slight fading. Considering the worth of the liner, the wear time is quiet impressive.

9 TO 5 CLAIM: Lets talk about lakme’s 9 to 5 claim, in my view it does  justice to its name, not complete justice as i had a wear time of 6-7 hours but then it is very good considering the price. No touch up is required and color remains as such with small fading. Your lipstick will really last long if you will apply this liner underneath.  You can use it as it is with just a touch of gloss and you are ready to go.


  • Beautiful shade.
  • Smooth creamy texture
  • Easy Application
  • Highly pigmented
  • Long wearing
  • Matte Finish


  • No sharpener provided.
  • Sharpening leads to product wastage, i wish it was a twist up liner.

RATING: 4.5/5

My Verdict: Ladies do give it a try, it is a wonderful product in reasonable price. image


Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lipstick in shade Mischievous Wine Review and Swatches

Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lipstick in shade Mischievous Wine

Description on Colorbar Website:
Take me as I am lip color is a unique multi functional product which provides the application of a lipstick combined with the convenience of a pencil in a jumbo crayon design. It is an extra creamy and soft feeling lipstick formula with excellent color pay-off and coverage. Viscous oils and esters create the beautiful shine. Skin conditioning ingredients like Shea butter and vitamin E further enhance the comfortable wearing properties.

Application: Be worry-free, take this gorgeous pencil and create the prettiest lip – creamy, ready for shine and flirty fun.

MRP: Rs. 900


Packaging: Jumbo pencil crayon packaging with sharpener. The pencil is made of wood with plastic cap and is very thicker as compared to normal ones. The bottom of the pencil has the same color as that of the Lipstick.



Color: Beautiful wine shade with dark brown undertones. It would suit mostly all skin tones.


Texture: Oh, i loved the texture. It is so soft, creamy and glides very smoothly on lips. The formula is semi matte but it does not dry the lips. The ladies with severely dry lips can moisturize the lips beforehand.

Application: Application is very easy, being the thick pencil it is very easy to hold. Also, the thick pointy tip provides a very precise application.

Pigmentation: Highly pigmented, one swipe provides the full color coverage.

Longevity: It stayed on me all day, i applied it before going to office and it was almost intact till evening with slight fading around the corners and middle of lips. I had the wear time of 7-8 hours.


  • Beautiful Shade among the usual pinks and red.
  • Smooth texture.
  • The formula is not too drying.
  • Precise application due to thick pointy tip.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Long wear time.
  • Doesn’t bleed.
  • Very handy packaging.


  • Stains the lips. Need an oil based removed to completely get rid of the color.
  • Product wastage during sharpening.

colorbar take me i am


My Verdict: I am impressed with the Packaging, texture and wear time of the Lipstick. To me the wear time of the lipstick is a huge plus point as i find touch-ups very cumbersome.

Rating: 4.5/5


H2O plus sea clear oil control swatches

H2O plus sea clear oil control


Hi ladies,

Each one of us might have experienced the problem of Acne and pimples in their life. I have been a victim of pimples and acne since my teen years. I have gone through long phases of trial and error method but nothing was working for my skin. It was really a long and difficult battle. Harminder too has faced the same problem in her teen years but her’s was a not a lengthy battle as mine (poor me). My mom used to make various face packs for me, she made me drink Safi as well but all in vain. Anyway I wanted to share a product with all of you who have oily skin which not only controls the oil but also moisturize your skin in a very effective way without making it look greasy. I had never used a moisturizer on my face all my life fearing the oil content it may have. I have been using H2O plus sea clear oil control range from past one and a half year and I only have good things to say.

There are three products in this range

1 Sea clear mattifying cleansing mousse which is a face wash.
2 Sea clear mattifying toner
3 Face Oasis shine neutralizing gel which is a moisturizing gel.

final pic

These three products have made my skin care routine so easy and my face less oily.

I apply these three products in the morning before going to office and my face remains oil free for around 5-6 hours in summers which is great for me as I have extreme oily skin in summers.  All I can say is it controls oil in a very effective way. I will be posting the detailed review with swatches very soon. Till that time kindly find the swatches below:

facewash swatch

Above is the foamy face-wash.

Neutralizing gelswatch-gel

Above is Swatch of Neutralizing geltoner swatch

Toner is bit whitish in color, Sorry i was not having the colored cotton pads.


Colorbar Just Smoky kajal – Just Blue review and swatch

Colorbar Just Smoky kajal – Just Blue

Colorbar Says

Description: Just Smoky Kajal gets you Glam ready in just 50 seconds. This long-lasting, multi-tasking eye pencil gives you 3-in-1 benefits of an Eyeliner, Kajal and an Eye Shadow. It helps you to achieve the mysterious smoky-eyed look which will last for up to 12 hours. It comes with a built-in smudger that is as soft as a cushion which can be used to demystify the art of smoky eyes. The intense color and matte texture of the pencil adds definition and drama to your eyes. It has waterproof property and does not transfer.

Application: After a few strokes of the soft liner along your top and bottom lashes, use the sponge smudger to blend out the color to the desired level of strength for the perfect smoky eye look.

It is available in 5 variants.

  1. Just Black
  2. Just Grey
  3. Just Green
  4. Just Teal
  5. Just Blue

Today i am reviewing the shade Just Blue.

MRP: Rs. 650


Packaging: Pencil style with kajal at one end and smudger at the other with their respective caps. The outer color of the pencil is in blue color as well which makes it easy to identify.


DSC_0788Shade: Ink blue color with matte finish. The color is almost black but when you smudge it then it shows the  nice ink blue color.


Texture: kajal is creamy and glides smoothly. The disadvantage of creamy formula is that the tip tends to break when you sharp it. I have personally faced this problem with this liner and it leads to product wastage which hurts when you are using the liner of this price range.

Application: Application is smooth till the time you are using it as eye liner but if you will try to use as eye shadow you would be disappointed. The formula makes the liner set so quickly leaving no room for the blending and if you try to blend once it is set then it starts to flake. I mean what is the purpose of putting smoky kajal claim when you can not blend it to achieve the desired effect.

Pigmentation: Very pigmented. One swipe gives the perfect ink blue matte color. You can intensify the color with multiple swipes.

Staying power: It stayed on my waterline for 6-7 hours with slight fading. On my eye lids it stayed for 5-6 hours and started fading afterwards which is a good wear time for me. It did transfer to my crease but that may be because I have oily lids.

Removal: You need a good oil based makeup remover to remove its traces completely.


closeup final



  • Beautiful color
  • Creamy texture, glides smoothly
  • Application is smooth if you will use as kajal or liner.
  • Waterproof, it doesn’t budge and sets with in seconds.
  • Great pigmentation
  • Long staying power


  • Smudger is not ideal for application and not cushiony as claimed by brand.
  • Difficult to sharpen, wastage of product.
  • Sets quickly leaving no room for blending.
  • You will get patchy application if you will try to blend once it is set.
  • Not at all a smoky kajal, but if you have expertise to blend and smudge it in seconds then you may achieve desired results.
  • Expensive for a liner or kajal.

My verdict: It doesn’t live up to its claim of Smoky kajal. However it gives the best results if used as kajal or liner. Frankly speaking i am a little disappointed with colorbar, they did something innovative but it doesn’t serve the purpose it is meant for.

Rating: 3/5

You can buy it from Flipkart, it is available here :