Beauty Blender Dupe- Forever21 Makeup Blender Sponges: Review

Forever21 Makeup Blender Sponges

Forever21 Makeup Blender Sponges: Review

MRP: Rs. 469 for both.
Availability: At Forever21 outlets across India

Forever21 Makeup Blender Sponges Duo-review

My Review

I got this pack of Beauty blenders/sponges from Forever21 couple of months ago. Honestly speaking I haven’t got the heart to spend hefty money on original beauty blender, moreover I had never tried makeup sponges/blenders before so wanted to start with an affordable option. The pack contained one normal size beauty blender and a mini beauty blender with a stick attached to it. I use bigger one for the face and smaller one for under eye area and around the nose.

Like original beauty blender you have to use it wet and it becomes bigger in size once you soak it completely in water. I squeeze as much water as I can and then use it to blend my foundation.

Forever21 Makeup Blender Sponge-actual size
Forever21 Makeup Blender Sponge-actual size
Forever21 Makeup Blender Wet
Forever21 Makeup Blender Wet

How to use it? The technique I learned to apply foundation or concealer using beauty blender is to dab the foundation on your face using the blender, please do not use it in sweeping motion. Just Dab Dab and Dab 🙂 I have completely ditched my Real technique’s foundation brush since I got my hands on these beauty blenders. They make the foundation application super Easy and flawless.

Downside: The downside i noticed is that it soaks the product (read foundation) and that yields to product wastage. It also reduces the coverage capability i.e. It blends the foundation so nicely on the skin that you may have to layer on the foundation for a super rich coverage. On the other side when you use foundation with brush or hands you use less product compared to beauty blender and coverage would be higher as well but trust me the finish won’t be same. Foundation application with beauty blender is much more easier and flawless.

How to Clean it?: I clean them with Johnson’s Baby Top to Toe Wash after 1-2 usages. You can use any mild body wash, there are cleaners available online specially for cleaning/washing beauty blenders. It is advisable to clean them as frequently as you can to avoid any kind of skin infection.

My Rating: 5/5. I haven’t used the original beauty blender so can’t really compare these with it. However these have definitely made my foundation application easy and flawless. These get big thumbs up from me 🙂

Below are two of the many looks where I have applied foundation and concealer with these beauty blenders

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PS: My dear readers if you have tried dupes of beauty blenders please share your experience in the comments sections. I would love to know your take on them 🙂

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