Colorbar Lip Definer Berry Rose 004

Colorbar Berry Rose is a gorgeous dark pink lip liner with matte finish.

Claim: Colorbar defines it as a perfect partner for your lipstick that keeps it in place for an all day look. This waterproof magic lip wand works as a fabulous lip filler which makes a proper matte base for your lips. The innovative refined formula follows and outlines the lip contour with an adjustable coverage and does not smudge. Application: Extra Precise, Extremely soft, Highly Pigmented, Rich colour pay-off, Full coverage.

MRP: Rs. 599




I am a Matte fan, I got tempted to use this lip liner due to its matte finish and how light it feels on lips. I first came across this lip liner while me and my sister HJK was shopping for her Bridal Makeup Kit. The moment we tried it on, we knew this would definitely going to make its place in the kit. It can be used as a base lip liner or on his own. I use standalone and loves the finish it gives. Being a matte lip liner the application is not so smooth but if you apply slight lip balm underneath then you will get a smooth application. I have dry lips so I always make sure to scrub and moisturize my lips well before applying any matte lipsticks or liners.

Pigmentation(5/5): It is very pigmented and gives a very good coverage.

Packaging(5/5): Packaging is very good and these liners comes with inbuilt sharpener so that makes them very handy.

Longevity(5/5): These are longest wearing lip liners I have tried so far. On me it stayed up to 7-8 hours during which I had snacks, meal.

Application(4/5): Application is not so smooth if you have dry lips, you need to moisturize your lips beforehand.


Overall I recommend this Lip Definer/Liner!!


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