Colorbar deep Matte Lip Creme Deep Rust 006 review and Swatch – New Launch

Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Creme Deep Rust 006

Colorbar recently launched Matte Lip Creme in India. Me and Mr. Husband was in waiting list for our Dinner Date at Pind Balluchi so i made a quick trip to Colorbar counter at TGIP and tried these Matte Lip Creme. There are totally 10 shades and i liked Deep Rust the most which is a lovely rusty orange shade and only orange shade in this range.

MRP: Rs. 675

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Here is what colorbar says about Matte Lip Creme:


An ultra-silky, virtually “weightless” texture that unveils unexpected moussy finish with impeccable high pigmentation color for high coverage effect.

These innovative combinations of ingredients give the formula special gliding consistency to coat lips with deep colors that have a matte, yet intensely bright effect.

Features and benefits:

  • Stays up to  8hrs
  • Weightless Emollient oils for an impalpable texture
  • Silicon Polymers for a mousse and Velvet Touch
  • Jellifying Agents for moisturisation
  • Texturing Powders for smooth application
  • Paraben Fee
  • Fragrance Free

I am an Avid lover of Matte Lip shades and always prefer them over satiny and glossy lip shades, mainly because of their staying power and non-transfer property.

Packaging: The matte lip creme comes in a long tube with silver cap and doe foot applicator which makes the application very easy. The applicator takes out enough gloss at a time and you need not to dip it again and again.


Color: Rusty Orange color, the only orange in this Matte Lip Creme Range. The Range has all the muted colors and not over the top dark colors, very ideal for summer season.


Texture/Formula: Texture is thick and creamy and evenly spreads out on the lips. I did not had any problem with the texture during application.  The texture remains glossy after the application and settles into matte finish after an hour or so. It also keeps the lips hydrated, however as the cautionary measure i always moisturize lips before applying any matte formula.

Application: Application is very smooth and creamy texture helps the Matte Lip Creme to spread out evenly on lips. The SA at Colorbar suggested to dab the color with doe foot applicator and then press both of the lips together to spread out the color, i found this application technique helpful.

Pigmentation: As i tried all the available colors under this range, i found all of them highly pigmented and provides good color coverage in one swipe. Deep Rust too provided the full color coverage in one swipe, you can build up the color with multiple swipes or simply dab the applicator on lips and then press them together for a toned down look.

Longevity: It stayed on me for good 5-6 hours and then leaves a beautiful orange tint behind which stayed for another 2 hours. Deep Rust needs the  touch-up after the meals as color fades away from the center and corner of the lips. It also transfers little on cups and glasses.

Removal: It is very easy to remove, you can either remove it with a cleanser or water based remover.

Staining: It doesn’t stain lips at all.


  1. Beautiful Rusty orange shade, very ideal for summer season.
  2. Smooth creamy texture.
  3. Non Drying Matte  formula
  4. Glides easily on lips, ideal for application.
  5. Sets to beautiful soft matte finish.
  6. Doesn’t dry the lips even after wearing it for long.
  7. Good staying power considering it is a soft matte lip creme.


  1. Takes time to set into matte finish.
  2. Transfers.
  3. I wish it stayed a little longer, however being a soft matte lip creme it does its work perfectly.

My Verdict: I loved it!!from the color to the texture of it i am in love with Deep Rust and can not wait to try other shades from this range. I just wish it would have a longer wear time so that i will be having soft rusty orange lips through out the day.

Rating: 4.5/5

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