Colorbar Pro Crackle Top Coat – Foil blast : Review and Swatch

Colorbar Pro Crackle Top Coat Foil Blast

Colorbar Pro Crackle Top Coat Foil Blast 

Description by Colorbar:
Now to create tremendously beautiful fingernail designs, one doesn’t have to learn artistic skills. We hereby present Crackle Top Nail lacquer which will create amazing textured crackle looking designs to your toe and fingernails. Application Technique Apply one thick coat of the regular nail enamel, wait for it to dry. Apply one thick coat of Crackle Top Coat in one stroke, and avoid going backwards, this hue will create amazing textured crackle looking designs to your nails.

Recommended Application:
Paint your nail with your favorite color and leave it to dry. Then follow it with the Colorbar Pro Crackle Top Coat and wait for the fun to begin.
Tip: Use bright shades of nail color as the base to create striking looks

They have three top coats under this range:

  1. Black Crackle: This is a dark black shade.
  2. Smashed Cherry: This is a red shade.
  3. Foil Blast: Foil blast is a sparkly silver shade

MRP: Rs. 499 for 15ml 

Colorbar Crackle Nail paints are a savior for lazy bones like me, who love to experiment but doesn’t have much time(sometimes efforts) to put in. This is my rescue top coat for days when i want something different and captivating on my nails. Today i am going to review the shade Foil Blast.

Colorbar Pro Crackle Top Coat

colorbar foil blast

Color: As said above, Foil blast is a beautiful silver top coat with shimmer in it. It stands out the most on dark base coat.

Brush: Brush is wide and ideal for precise application, it cover my nails in just two swipes.

Colorbar Pro Crackle Top Coat Foil Blast

Texture and Application: Hmm..texture is little thick for my liking. I find it difficult to apply, moreover it became more thick in nature over time and i have to put in a little nail paint remover to lessen the thickness. You need to be very careful while applying it, just make sure to apply thick coat once and then leave it for some time to have the crackling effect. Applying second coat is a big no as it will give a messy finish.

Dry Time: Dry time is quick, the top coat gives the crackling effect with in seconds and then sets immediately.

Longevity: It stayed on me for 3-4 days without a transparent top coat. You may apply the top coat to increase the wear time.

Colorbar crackling nail paint-foil blast

Colorbar crackling top coat

Colorbar Top Coat Foil Blast-swatch

colorbar crackling

My Verdict: It is a very nice option to consider for a quick quirky Manicure, you will love it. I have been using this for a past year and so and tried it on various base coats and i must say i love it every time 🙂

Rating: 4.5/5 Just wish the texture was a little less thicker so as to give the smooth application.


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