How to Create Ombre Lips?

Create Ombre Lips India

Hello My Angels 🙂

The Ombre trend firstly started with Hair and slowly expanded its Horizon. Ombre Lips were brought into Fashion by famous Makeup Artists during Runway shows and there is no looking back ever since. Beauty Bloggers all over the world tried and loved this trend. I am their latest fan, to me…Ombre Lips are very creative and bold.

If you are a woman of today and want to experiment with your Lip Makeup, then Ombre Lips is a Trend you will not regret following. It is bold, sexy and fun 🙂

I am going to explain in Steps, how I achieved this look.

  1. Applied Maybelline Lip Gradation RED1 all over the lips with light hand.
  2. Smudged the color using Lip Blender/Smudger. I have used cushion blender provided at the end of Maybelline Lip Gradation RED1.
  3. Used MAC Dark Out Lip Liner at the middle of the lips. The key to this look is to use Lighter shade all over the lips and dark shade at the center of the Lips.
  4. Smudged the Dark color with Blender/Smudger at the center of the lips.
  5. Make Sure there are no harsh lines between the two colors, smudge the lines(if any) to give an effect where you can’t figure out where the Lighter one ended and the darker one started.
  6. In the end I just Pat Clinique Cola Pop at the center just to give a bit of Shine. However you can Skip this step if you want, it is not very crucial, I just didn’t want Matte look at the center.
  7. Voila!! Perfect looking and Very Easy to Create Ombre Lips 🙂

How to Create Ombre Lips Ombre Lips India

If you are a Rebel and like to Experiment with Makeup, do try this look and I would love to know how it turned out 🙂

I am going to list the Products I have used and their reviews below:

MAC Vamplify Pro Longwear Lip Pencil Dark Out: Review and Swatches


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  1. Maybelline lip gradation red1 is such a cool red I sumhow feel it’s a dupe to the Revlon matte lipcrayons Standout …ombre lips looks oomph if u have the nerve to flaunt it,,,,rock on girl.

  2. I am wearing Red1 a lot lately. The texture is amazing. I am thinking to try ombre eyes as well…let’s see 😊

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