How to remove Glitter Nail Polish Easily – Foil Method

How to remove Glitter Nail Polish Easily – Foil Method

I have not met a single girl who does not like wearing Glitter Nail Polishes, however removing them is such a cumbersome task. Today i am going to share a very easy method to remove the Glitter Nail Polishes without damaging the nails.

Here are step by step instructions of how you can do that. I had Maybelline Go Graffiti Pop Goes My Heart on my nails.

Maybelline color show go graffiti pop goes my heart

1. Take a cotton pad or cotton ball, soak it with remover and then wrap it around your nails.

2. Now take foil paper and tear it in parts which are sufficient enough to wrap around the cotton pads on your nails. This will look something like below picture.

Foil  method for glitter nail polish removal

3. Leave the cotton ball and foil on your nails for 3-5 minutes.

foil method

4. Remove foil and cotton ball one at a time in a twisting motion. The back-and-forth movement will help get rid of any extra glitter.

How to remove glitter nail polishes

5. Voila!! Glitter Free nails 🙂

Hope this would help you all to deal with the demons of Glitter Nail Polish removal 😉


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