Jhumkas for Round or Chubby Face: Choose Jhumkas according to your face cut

Jhumkas for round face

Hello My Angels πŸ™‚

Today’s post is something which is very close to my heart, my love for JHUMKAs. I am a big girl with a chubby round face, that means I have to be extra aware/conscious of Β how I dress up, do my makeup and wear accessories that enhances my overall look and not make it look bulky.

Coming to accessories, for any event or function I keep my accessories the FOCUS point rather than my clothes. I wear clothes which are not too heavy, gaudy and does not have too much of layers. More to this in other post, today I am going to write about my obsession for Jhumkas and what type of Jhumkas would suit round or chubby face.

Tip1# NEVER EVER choose or wear BIG and BULKY jhumkas. Start with smaller Jhumkas or Jhumkas which has smaller sphere. Something like the Jumkas I am wearing in below picture. They are long but has very thin/small sphere in the end.

Smaller Jhumkas for round face

Tip2# Choose Jhumkas which are smaller in length but sleeker in appearance.Β These would be ideal for round face. You can enjoy wearing round authentic Jhumkas which have very sleek, simple and sophisticated look. In below two pictures you can see me wearing very basic silver colored jhumkas and colored one with pearls. They are neither too small nor big, perfect for my round face.

jhumkas for chubby face

smaller sphere jumkas for round face

Tip3# CHOOSE TWO STEP or LONG jhumkas with a wider sphere. If you love jhumkas with big sphere in the end then make sure they are LONG or SUPER LONG. Long jhumkas will elongate your face and gives an impression of slimmer face. In below pic you can see me wearings long earrings with big Sphere.

Longer jhumkas for round face

I hope you find this post useful. I would love to know your views in comment section. If you have any other tips to include please feel free to share πŸ™‚


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