MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

So Mr. Hubby and I were passing my MAC counter and….

Mr. Hubby: You want anything honey?

Me: No (timidly and secretly wishing to lay my hands on Girl About Town, I had it in my wish-list for sooooooo long).

Mr. Hubby: Are you sure? (Oh!! I love that mischievous smile)

Me: Giggling….

And the next moment I was on the counter trying GAT on me and I loved it from that moment on.

MAC Girl About Town is a bright medium dark fuchsia pink Lipstick which possibly suits all skin tones. It has crème finish, you need not to prep your lips before applying this as it has the most forgiving texture and finish. It goes Opaque in just a single swipe. Although it has creamy texture but it doesn’t bleed and transfers minimally.  It has blue undertones and pops out really well and gives a warm glow on the face.




Pigmentation(5/5): It is very pigmented and one swipe gives the full coverage.

Texture/Formula(5/5): Formula feels hydrating and does not dry out the lips. It does not highlight the lip lines either.

Scent: It has the same vanilla scent like all MAC Lipsticks.

Longevity(5/5): It is a long wear lipstick. I love the kind of lipsticks which you just apply and then forget about the touch-ups. I am not a frequent touchup kind of person and find it really bothersome. It stayed on me for good 8-9 hours and leaves a lovely pink shade afterwards.

Application: Application is very easy, it doesn’t need any lip preparation beforehand. Glides very smoothly on lips.

The removal process is bit difficult though and requires a good makeup remover, still it leaves a slight pink tint.



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