Pearl on Nails, Pearl Nail art, Caviar beads, Caviar Nail Art

Pearl nail art

Pearl on Nails, Pearl Nail Art, Caviar beads, Caviar Nail Art!! 

Pearl nail art

I am an avid lover of Unique and quirky nail arts. I was hoping to try pearl nail art/caviar nail art for quiet some time now and during my recent trip to near by cosmetic store I spotted these beautiful 3D pearls in golden color. These are priced at just 20 Rs 🙂

Aren’t these pearls  look gorgeous on nails, I am going  Gaga over them and all my friends liked this nail art very much. I am happy Soul 😉

Well, without any delay lets jump to the steps to achieve this pearl nail art:

  1. Apply transparent base coat. I have applied Sally Hansen base coat, you can choose which ever base coat you prefer as per your budget.
  2. Next I had applied one coat of my all time favourite Ciate Twilight and let it dry for a while. The idea behind choosing this particular shade was that golden pearls will stand-out more with this shade underneath.
  3. Once the coat is dry, apply another coat and let it set but not fully dry.
  4. Pour/sprinkle the pearls generously on nails till they are fully covered. Don’t forget to place a tray below to collect the falling pearls.
  5. Carefully press the pearls/beads with finger ensuring they stick to the base paint. Wait for 4-5 minutes.
  6. Now the final step is to seal the caviar beads with the transparent top coat. This step will help your manicure to stay longer. And there you Go!!! Happy Nails 🙂

Caviar nail art

caviar beads nail art

Caviar nail art Indian blog

Caviar beads on nails

This nail art is technically called Caviar beads nail art. Hope you enjoyed the pics 🙂

Did you ever tried caviar nail art? If not, try it and do share your experience.

Till then, keep trying and keep looking good <3

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