Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel Autumn Spice, Wintermint Review and Swatch

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel Autumn Spice and Wintermint||0

The day I heard about these scented nail enamels I could not resist myself and purchased them online from Flipkart and got them delivered the very next day.

Today I am reviewing two shades from this range.

1. Autumn spice: It is a dark brown color with hint of golden and slight pink shimmers. It is a really beautiful color.

2. Wintermint: It is a minty green color with blue glitters and gold shimmer. I found these blend of colors really unique.

MRP: Rs. 350

Product description on Revlon Website:

A whole new way to experience color. Vibrant shiny shades go on smoothly for flawless color and then dry to light, irresistible fragrances.


Light fragrance revealed when dry

Light fragrance lasts all day

Available in 24 scented colors

Packaging: perfume inspired square bottle with black bulb cap.

Brush: Standard size brush.

Autumn spice



Color: Dark brown color with hint of golden and slight pink shimmers. Perfect color for winters.

Formula: It has a very smooth formula which is neither too runny nor too dense.

Opacity: It is very opaque, provides full coverage in one coat.

Dry time: Dry time is considerable, it took 8-10 minutes for two coats to dry completely.

Scent: I got the faint smell of cinnamon and vanilla.

Longevity: Regretfully the wear time is not so good. It started chipping from the tips within a day and color also started looking very dull. I am very disappointed with the wear time.

Removal: Easy to remove and leaves no stains.

My Vedrict: I am not satisfied with autumn spice, there is no doubt about the color but wear time is very disappointing.

My Rating: 1.5/5




Color: A minty green color with mix of blue and mint glitters. The combination is blended with golden shimmer.

Formula: Formula is little on runny side may be due to precise application of glitters. The even and smooth texture helps the glitters to disperse evenly on nails.

Opacity: Very translucent in first coat, you can build up the color in 3 coats.

Dry time: Dry time is considerable, it took 10-12 minutes for two coats to dry completely.

Longevity: Good wear time. It stayed on me intact for 5 days.

Removal: Difficult to remove like all glitter nail paints. Leaves no stains behind.

My verdict: The color is beautiful and so is the finish. I love how the glitters disperse evenly on the nails. Wear time is good as well.

Rating: 4.5/5 I wish the removal process of glitter nail paints are easy.





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