Revlon Ultra HD lipstick – Poinsettia review and swatches

Revlon ultra HD lipstick poinsettia

Revlon ultra HD lipstick – Poinsettia

MRP: Rs. 1,100

I was waiting for the launch of Revlon HD lipsticks in India as I was very intrigued with the idea of HD lipsticks and their gel like formula. I had visited the store and tried almost all the colors including the one Emma Stone is wearing in the print ad but I was disappointed when lip color looked very much different on me. Nonetheless I chose a very beautiful and bringer red shade called Poinsettia.

As far as the HD quality finish is concerned, the HD in beauty world means flawless. So i am assuming it to be flawless color and smooth finish.

Another drawback is that the lipstick does not swivel completely down so when each time I put the cap down I end up taking a bit of lipstick with it. Very baddd 🙁

Description: Revolutionary wax-free gel technology for true color clarity in one smooth swipe. Available in 20 high-definition shades.

Features:  Revlon patent-pending wax-free gel technology delivers true color clarity without the heavy feel.
• High definition color in one smooth swipe.
• Available in 20 high-definition shades.

Tag Line: The tag line is “True Color Clarity without the heavy Feel” and  I totally agree to this, it feels so light and feather like on lips.

Packaging: The Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks come in reflective/transparent silver tubes with clear plastic caps.

Revlon ultra hd lipstick-Poinsettia-packaging

Revlon ultra hd lipstick-Poinsettia-bullet

Color: Poinsettia is vibrant shade of red with blue undertone.

Revlon ultra hd lipstick-Poinsettia-swatch

Revlon ultra HD lipstick poinsettia

Formula/Texture: The texture is very light, creamy and smooth. Lipstick glides very smoothly on the lips giving them a very even finish. The formula is hydrating as well, it does not make the lips dry but it is always advisable to use lip balm underneath lipstick if you have dry lips. Poinsettia HD lipstick is very forgiving on my lips, it does not highlight the dry or flakiness.

Application: The tip of the lipstick is flat and wide so it was hard for me to get the precise application around the top of the upper lip and corners of the lips.

Revlon ultra hd lipstick-Poinsettia-application

Pigmentation: 2 swipes gives the good color coverage but if you have very pigmented lips then it may not cover them fully.

revlon ultra HD lipstick-fotd

Longevity: Poinsettia HD lipstick stayed on me for 4-5 hours and it definitely needs touch-up/reapplication after meal.


  1. True to its claim the lipstick offers flawless finish and feels very light on lips.
  2. Beautiful red shade which is ideal for regular/ office wear.
  3. Buttery smooth texture.
  4. Good moisturising ability.
  5. Nicely pigmented.
  6. Good color pay off.


  1. Very average packaging.
  2. The bullet shape is not ideal for application.
  3. Fragrance is too strong but then it fades away after some time.

My Verdict: True to its claim it feels very light on lips, full points to Revlon for that. I just wish it had more staying power.

Rating: 4.5/5.


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