Sleek Pout Paint- Port review and swatch

Sleek Pout Paint Port-review

Sleek Pout Paint in shade Port

MRP: Rs. 815

sleek pout paint

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Today I am going to review Sleek Pout Paint in Port, we purchased it from Luxola when they used to do Shipping in India .  We were so looking forward to buy pout paints but was confused between sleek and 3CE. I have read rave reviews for both of these brands and after much thought I purchased Sleek pout paint and put the 3CE in my wish list. Only one color was available at luxola, the port. Let’s jump to the review now.

Packaging: The product comes in sleek tube packaging. The tube is transparent in color with hint of black covering at the top and rear. The transparent packaging makes the product easy to identify. Tube has a thin nozzle to dispense the product.

sleek pout paint

Color: The color is gorgeous dark pink. Being the lip colors loosely packed in a tube you always have an advantage of mixing it with other colors and customize it. You can use it as a gloss by putting it slightly on lip and rub your fingers across the lips to have a touch of pink glossy lips. You can fully control the intensity of the color.


Texture/formula: Texture is thick in nature and spreads evenly on the lips. It settles into semi matte finish after some time. I found the formula dry after few hours of wear.

Application: Application can be tricky for beginners, you can only apply this lip product with a lip brush. Application with fingers can risk spreading the product beyond the lip lines and as it stains heavily so you will be left with pink stains around the lips, hence I recommend using a lip brush for precise application. Draw the outline first and then Spread the color with a filler brush. I have used real technique lip brush and the application was precise and smooth.

Pigmentation: Sleek pout paint is insanely pigmented. You will get an even color with one swipe of brush.


Lip preparation beforehand: If you have dry, chapped lips then this product is a big no for you. I would advise to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before application, the lips should look healthy to have the precise application. It is a must to use a lip balm underneath otherwise it may leave your lips dry.

Longevity: I had a wear time of 6-7 hours, meals and drinks included and afterwards it leaves a pink tint behind.

Staining: Seeing its pigmentation I had the idea that it will stain the lips and it does.

Removal: You need a good oil based makeup remover to completely remove the traces of it.


Easy to identify packaging.
Gorgeous pink color
Thick texture
Color spreads evenly on lips
Amazingly pigmented
Long staying
You can customize the colors while mixing with other shades.
Little product is needed to cover whole lips.

Can only be applied with a lip brush.
Can be unflattering on dry and chapped lips.
Stains the lips heavily.
Need an oil based makeup remover to remove the color completely.
Not available in India

My Verdict: I loved it and fully recommend to all the ladies out there. Go give it a try and you will love it for its pigmentation and staying power.

Rating: 4.5/5

Sleek Pout Paint Port-swatch Sleek Pout Paint Port-fotd Sleek Pout Paint Port-fotd


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