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Kiko Milano Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick 304: Review and Swatches

Kiko Milano Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick 304

MRP: Rs. 1,050
Nt. Quantity: 3.5g
Shelf Life: 5 Years. Wowww..Kudos to Kiko Milano for this.
Packaging: Metallic Grey and Rose Gold. Magnetic Closure.

kiko-milano-velvet-passion-matte-lipstick-304-packaging kiko-milano-velvet-passion-matte-lipstick-304-packaging-closeup kiko-milano-velvet-passion-matte-lipstick-304-bullet kiko-milano-velvet-passion-matte-lipstick-304-rose-gold

First Impression

All the Kiko Lip Products have such a beautiful and sturdy packaging. The kind of packaging Kiko Milano Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick 304 has, I have not see it in any other brand in India. The Lipstick has a Magnet closure which closes with a satisfying click making this lipstick an ideal option to carry in your hand bag.

The bullet shape looks weird at first but surprisingly it makes the application very easy, it glides along the lip lines very comfortably.

The color of the Kiko Milano Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick 304 is very beaituful muted pink which is perfect for everyday wear. The texture is smooth and creamy, however the formula highlights the dryness/lip flakes so it is not an ideal formula to wear on dry lips.

As i mentioned above, the Shelf life of this lipstick is a HUGE Plus for me, i mean 5 years…simply wow.

The Kiko Milano Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick 304 has a very faint Vanilla fragrance but it does not linger on for long and fades away very quickly.

I will test the Longevity aspect of the lipstick and would update the same here.

 Updated Review

So I wore this Lippi to office for two consecutive days to test out the Longevity aspect. As expected the wear time is great, I had 7-8 hours of wear time. It does fade away from the inner corner of the lips (if you have heavy meal or oily food)but nothing noticeable and worth a touch up. The color is the WINNER here, it looks so appealing and is like a visual treat to the eyes.

Rating: 4.5/5. The formula is not ideal for Dry Lips and that is a very obvious factor in Matte Lipsticks. Other than that this product is worth the Money. Beautiful color, long wearing, creamy texture and 5 years of Shelf Life…… what more you can ask for 🙂

kiko-milano-velvet-passion-matte-lipstick-304-india kiko-milano-velvet-passion-matte-lipstick-304 kiko-milano-velvet-passion-matte-lipstick-304-review

PS:  I love to find Little notes and comments from you all. Please drop them!! I really appreciate you taking the time out to share your views.


Revlon Colorburst matte balm sultry: review, swatch and FOTD

Revlon Colorburst matte balm Sultry||0

MRP: Rs.800 for 2.7g
Texture: Creamy Matte

Description on Revlon’s website:
Vibrant colors infused with a Triple Butter Complex give you a bold, beautiful lip. It’s a burst of matte color with a balm-like feel. Go bold and get moisturized in 10 craveable, collectible shades.


  • Velvety color + balm-like moisture
  • Infused with a Triple Butter Complex of shea, mango, and coconut butter
  • Retractable chubby crayon, no sharpener required

Color: Sultry is a brown-pink color with hints of plum, the color looks too sober and mature on the bullet but on lips it looks very pretty pink. This color is ideal for everyday wear and will look great on medium to dark complexion.

Formula: It has matte formula but is not a drying matte. It glides smoothly on lips unlike other matte lipsticks but slightly accentuate the fine lines.

Fragrance: It has minty fragrance and i felt the cooling sensation on my lips while applying it, although it doesn’t stay for long.

Pigmentation: It is highly pigmented and covers the lips in one swipe only. You can further build the color if you wish to and it doesn’t look patchy. I applied two swipes in the pictures below.

My Experience: I love the formula, the application is really smooth and provides a perfect finish. Applying a lip balm underneath would be a wise decision as it is a matte lipstick after all and lips feel dry after few hours. It is a perfect color for office going ladies, not over the top and not too dull. But i wish the longevity be a little more, it does not survive meals and you need to do touch up afterwards which is quiet a turn off for me. On me it had a wear time of 4 hours (without meals). But nonetheless it is a great color with very good formula.

Beautiful color
Great pigmentation
Creamy texture which glides smoothly on lips
Not too drying
Twist up crayon hence no product wastage

Not so good wear time.
Slightly accentuate the lip lines
Dries the lips after few hours so it is advisable to apply a lip balm underneath.

Rating: I will give it 3.5/5





Revlon Sultry review Revlon Sultry

PS: I love to find Little notes and comments from you all. Please drop them!! I really appreciate you taking the time out to share your views.


MAC Lady Danger Lipstick – Review and Swatches

MAC Lady Danger Lipstick

MAC lady danger lipstick-packaging

MAC lady danger packaging

MAC lady danger-packaging

MAC lady danger-swatch

MRP: Rs. 1450

Hey Ladies, how are you? Hope you all are enjoying summer 😉

Today i am going to review one of my favorite coral red shade from MAC’s permanent Matte range.  This is my most favorite coral lipstick so far. It uplifts my mood and gives a very nice glow on my face

MAC describes it as Vivid Bright Coral Red shade. The texture is creamy and pigmentation is great, one swipe gives the enough color coverage and you can build the color as you like. However being this a matte shade it is bit on dry side after few hours of application and you need to moisturize your lips beforehand. It is a long wearing lipstick and i had a wear time of 7-8 hours, snacks and meals included. If you are a fan of bright colors then this lipstick won’t disappoint you, it gives a nice Aura on the face and let your lips do all the talking (obviously) 🙂


  1. Beautiful bright Coral Red shade.
  2. Matte Finish.
  3. Creamy texture and glides smoothly on lips.
  4. Very good color coverage.
  5. Highly pigmented.
  6. Long wearing.
  7. Easy to remove.
  8. Gives a nice glow on face.


  1. Can leave the lips dry after some time, it is advised to moisturize your lips before application to avoid the dryness.

My Verdict: I love it and if you love bright shades then this color is for you. It attracts the right amount of attention and brightens the face instantly.  However It is definitely not a color for weak hearted.

Rating: 4.5/5

This is how it looked on HJK and me.

MAC lady danger FOTD

MAC lady danger fotd


Chambor Extreme Matte Long Wear Lipcolor- Earthy Red review and swatch

Chambor Extreme Matte Long Wear Lipcolor- Earthy Red

Chambor lipstick

earthy red

Official Website:

Description on their website: Extremely soft & creamy texture gives a velvety matte finish. Hydrating lightweight formula with rich pigments, does not dry out lips. Super long wear, waterproof.

I am a sucker for Matte Lipsticks. While window shopping one day i came across this beautiful matte lipstick by Chambor.  I tried out two shades one was Aztec Brick and other was Earthy Red on which  i finally settled, mainly because of the gorgeous color. The range has beautiful Red shade as well, named Fiery Red but since i am hooked with MAC Ruby woo so i thought to try out some other color. Lets jump to the review now.

MRP: Rs. 795


Color: Earthy red is a beautiful dark brown shade with the hint of red. You can say it is an amalgamation of dark brown and red color.


Packaging: Chubby Crayon packaging with transparent plastic cap. I so wish them to be twist up crayons instead of sharpening one. I also have one minor gripe, the transparent plastic cap seems to be very delicate and may crack with slight mishandling.

Ingredients: Ingredients are listed below:  ingredients

Texture: Although it is a matte lipstick but it has very soft, creamy and buttery texture. It glides on lips very smoothly, there is no pulling and tugging. I absolutely loved the texture, i wish all the matte lipsticks have this kind of texture. Chambor has earned brownie points from my side for the texture itself and i will surely be keeping an eye on their new launches. There is one negative aspect as well, being the matte lipsticks they can highlight the fine lines and flakes on lips. It is always advisable to scrub and moisturize your lips before applying any matte lipstick. It doesn’t dry the lips unlike many matte lipsticks.

Application: Being the creamy texture, the applications is very easy. However as i said earlier the matte lipsticks tend to highlight the dryness or flakes on lips, so in such cases the application will not be smooth and forgiving.

Opacity: It is very opaque, one swipe provides the full color coverage.

Longevity: It stayed on me for 5-6 hours with slight fading in the middle and corner of lips, meals and drinks are included in this wear time.

Staining: Yes, Earthy Red does stain the lips. You need a good makeup remover to remove the stains completely.

chambor-earthy red



  • Smooth and buttery texture.
  • Doesn’t dry the lips.
  • Easy and precise application.
  • Very pigmented, provides good color coverage.
  • Long wear time.
  • Minimum transfer.
  • Doesn’t feel heavy on lips.


  • Sharpening leads to product wastage.
  • No sharpener provided.
  • Packaging is not handy and travel friendly, cap may crack easily.

My Verdict: I loved the color and texture of the lipstick. I will be soon trying out the other shades from this range.

Rating: 4/5


NYX soft matte lip cream Monte Carlo Review, Swatch

NYX soft matte lip cream Monte Carlo Review

I had this shade in my bucket list for soooo long and luckily it was available on Sephora. SA told me that this was the only piece left… yay yayyyy. I felt like doing the Happy Dance there..hehe and grabbed it without wasting anytime. These lip creams are high in demand at Sephora Delhi and feel yourself lucky if you got the chance to get hold of these.

These are neither lip gloss nor lipsticks. These lip colors are one of a kind and you will feel them silky smooth on your lips. Today i am reviewing the shade Monte Carlo which is a berry tone red shade and would suit all skin tones.

MRP: Rs. 570 for 8ml

My Experience: I can’t say i am drooling over it, it is a nice shade but due to its matte nature it dries my lips immensely. It sits nicely on the lips but after 2-3 hours i felt dryness and it accentuates the fine lines.

  • Pros:
    Nice color, you will fall in love with the color.
    The applicator provides a precise finish and is very easy to use.
    Smooth texture, it feels very light on lips
    Highly Pigmented, one swipe covers the lip perfectly.
    Long wearing, provides 6-7 hours of wear time.
    Survives the meals and snacks, you may need little touch up around the corner and middle of the lips.
    Gives a nice glow to the face.
    Decent price.
  • Cons:
    Not an ideal formula and texture for the dry lips. You need to exfoliate your lips and moisturize them before the application.
    Accentuate the lip lines.
    Difficult to remove and leaves a stain behind.
    Availability is an issue, either you can order online or buy from Sephora.

My Rating: 4/5. One mark deducted for accentuating the fine lines and making the lips dry.


nyx monte carlo



NYX soft matte lip cream-Monte Carlo-review