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Maybelline Color Show Go Graffiti : Pop Goes My Heart 803, Unmellow Yellow Review and Swatches

Maybelline Color Show Go Graffiti : Pop Goes My Heart and Unmellow Yellow

Maybelline color show go grafitti

Maybelline go graffiti pop goes my heart

Maybelline go graffiti unmellow yellow-nail paint

MRP: Rs. 145 for 6ml

So Finally Maybelline New York has launched their Graffiti range in India this year. Recently colorbar has launched their graffiti top coats, one of which is Masquerade which i have reviewed on Blog Here.

Today i am going to review Pop Goes My Heart which is a top coat and beautiful mix of red and white round dots and heart shape hexes and Unmellow Yellow which is a mix of black and lime green dots and circular hexes.

I tried Pop Goes My heart on red and white base coat but found that hexes were not much visible on these two base coats so later i tried it on black and i loved the result. Maybelline has nailed it this time on both of the aspects i.e. Quality and Price. Their competitor Colorbar Graffiti nail paints are priced at 499 for 15m, although Maybelline ones contains only 6ml product but i guess that is more than enough, i will be very much happy to pay less price for less product.

maybelline color show go graffiti

The texture of the nail paints are ideal for application, it is dense and not runny. It takes time to dry and provides you enough time to control the placement of the  hexes and dots with the brush very easily.

I will let pictures do all the talking as i am loving the results and thank you Maybelline for launching Graffiti range, Colorbar is going to get a tough competition here, eh?? 🙂

I had a wear time of 5-6 days with these top coats. The Removal process is difficult like all other glitter top coats but that is such a tiny gripe.

My Rating: 5/5. Loved it!!!

Pop Goes My Heart

Maybelline go graffiti review

go graffiti pop goes my heart

Maybelline color show go graffiti pop goes my heart

Maybelline color show go graffiti

Maybelline go graffiti top coat

Unmellow Yellow

Maybelline go graffiti unmellow yellow

Maybelline Unmellow Yellow

Maybelline Unmellow Yellow-swatch


Maybelline Express Finish 40 seconds Turquoise Lagoon review

Maybelline Express Finish 40 seconds – Turquoise Lagoon

I am bored of seeing reds, browns and pink shades on my nails, so thought of trying pastel shade this time. Pastels in summers are such a breezy thing, i love to wear pastel colors that doesn’t make my hands look dull. This Maynelline Express Turquoise Lagoon is one such color. Awesome color, texture and glossy finish, Maybelline nailed it this time. I have other colors from this range which i will be reviewing soon.

What Maybelline India says about this Range:

MRP: Rs. 220. I bought it for Rs. 200, may be price has been revised.

Why You’ll Love It
•Quick dry anti chip formula and vivid shades
•Unique Control-Flow brush applies only the required amount of nail color for a smooth and even application
•Long lasting color in 18 dazzling shades.
•From wet to set in 40 seconds

Expert Tip
With one sweep, paint the first line of nail polish up the center of your nail starting from the base to the tip. For the cleanest look, be sure to leave a small space at the base of the nail. Then apply color to the rest of the nail with additional sweeps of polish on each side of the original line. Let your nails dry before applying a second coat.

Lets get started with reviewing this gorgeous shade.

Color: Beautiful Turquoise shade that comes as a cool breeze in summers. Perfect summer shade.

maybelline express nail polish

maybelline express finish

Formula/Texture: The Formula is perfect, neither too runny nor too thick. The best part is it sets and dries quickly, which is why i love this range the most. It is perfectly in tune with the fast pace life we people are living.

Brush:  Brush is wide and ideal for precise application, it cover my nails in just two swipes. It fans out over the nail distributing the color uniformly, but the credit for it also goes to its texture. Haven’t the texture be so good the brush would not be able to bring out the uniform color.


Application: Application is smooth thanks to the wonderful formula and wide brush. The application is very uniform with no streakiness at all.


Opacity: Great, provides full coverage in just 2 swipes. The color on the nails comes out to be exactly same as that in bottle.

Dry Time: Dry time is really quick as claimed by Maybelline. I applied the second coat right after completing the first coat on all the finger nails and noticed that first coat was completely dry.

Longevity: I had a wear time of 5 days. But i do not do much of the household work, the longevity may vary for the ladies who do so.
Removal: Easy to remove, i had applied 2 coats.

I really recommend to all the lovely ladies out there to try this shade. You will love it!!

My Rating: 5/5



Below i have applied Colorbar Black fiesta Masquerade as a top coat and i am in love with the output. See below 🙂

colorbar masquerade

I would love to hear your thoughts, do you love pastels in summers?


NYX soft matte lip cream Monte Carlo Review, Swatch

NYX soft matte lip cream Monte Carlo Review

I had this shade in my bucket list for soooo long and luckily it was available on Sephora. SA told me that this was the only piece left… yay yayyyy. I felt like doing the Happy Dance there..hehe and grabbed it without wasting anytime. These lip creams are high in demand at Sephora Delhi and feel yourself lucky if you got the chance to get hold of these.

These are neither lip gloss nor lipsticks. These lip colors are one of a kind and you will feel them silky smooth on your lips. Today i am reviewing the shade Monte Carlo which is a berry tone red shade and would suit all skin tones.

MRP: Rs. 570 for 8ml

My Experience: I can’t say i am drooling over it, it is a nice shade but due to its matte nature it dries my lips immensely. It sits nicely on the lips but after 2-3 hours i felt dryness and it accentuates the fine lines.

  • Pros:
    Nice color, you will fall in love with the color.
    The applicator provides a precise finish and is very easy to use.
    Smooth texture, it feels very light on lips
    Highly Pigmented, one swipe covers the lip perfectly.
    Long wearing, provides 6-7 hours of wear time.
    Survives the meals and snacks, you may need little touch up around the corner and middle of the lips.
    Gives a nice glow to the face.
    Decent price.
  • Cons:
    Not an ideal formula and texture for the dry lips. You need to exfoliate your lips and moisturize them before the application.
    Accentuate the lip lines.
    Difficult to remove and leaves a stain behind.
    Availability is an issue, either you can order online or buy from Sephora.

My Rating: 4/5. One mark deducted for accentuating the fine lines and making the lips dry.


nyx monte carlo



NYX soft matte lip cream-Monte Carlo-review

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

So Mr. Hubby and I were passing my MAC counter and….

Mr. Hubby: You want anything honey?

Me: No (timidly and secretly wishing to lay my hands on Girl About Town, I had it in my wish-list for sooooooo long).

Mr. Hubby: Are you sure? (Oh!! I love that mischievous smile)

Me: Giggling….

And the next moment I was on the counter trying GAT on me and I loved it from that moment on.

MAC Girl About Town is a bright medium dark fuchsia pink Lipstick which possibly suits all skin tones. It has crème finish, you need not to prep your lips before applying this as it has the most forgiving texture and finish. It goes Opaque in just a single swipe. Although it has creamy texture but it doesn’t bleed and transfers minimally.  It has blue undertones and pops out really well and gives a warm glow on the face.




Pigmentation(5/5): It is very pigmented and one swipe gives the full coverage.

Texture/Formula(5/5): Formula feels hydrating and does not dry out the lips. It does not highlight the lip lines either.

Scent: It has the same vanilla scent like all MAC Lipsticks.

Longevity(5/5): It is a long wear lipstick. I love the kind of lipsticks which you just apply and then forget about the touch-ups. I am not a frequent touchup kind of person and find it really bothersome. It stayed on me for good 8-9 hours and leaves a lovely pink shade afterwards.

Application: Application is very easy, it doesn’t need any lip preparation beforehand. Glides very smoothly on lips.

The removal process is bit difficult though and requires a good makeup remover, still it leaves a slight pink tint.