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Sleek Makeup i-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 brights eyeshadow palette: Review and Swatches

Sleek Makeup i-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 brights eyeshadow palette

MRP: Rs. 997, I got it from Luxola when they used to Ship in India.
Texture: Matte

sleek i-divine ultra mattes v1 brights palette india sleek i-divine ultra mattes v1 brights palette sleek i-divine ultra mattes v1 brights eyeshadow palette

There are days when I want my eyes to do all the talking and on those days I reach out to this palette. The colours on this palette are not for weak hearted, but then eye makeup is the area where you can experiment the most. I have this palette with me for an year or so and I have used it quite a lot.


The packaging gets a big thumbs up for me. It is very sturdy with a big mirror. The inbuilt mirror is such a huge plus, it makes the eyeshadow application easy and dreamy.

The Palette has total of 12 colours, 9 of them are very happy and bright and rest are muted colours.

The texture of i-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 brights eyeshadow palette is matte. The colors are a bit chalky and there is considerable amount of fallout while application. So make sure you do your eye makeup first and then dust off the fallen eyeshadow and do the face makeup.

Although this Sleek Makeup eyeshadow is supremely pigmented, however you need to have a primer underneath to have a smooth application. Without a primer or a base eyeshadow the end result is not very smooth because when you blend the eyeshadow it kind of goes here and there leaving little patches of color, so a good base is mandatory.

The staying power is good, I had a wear time of 6-7 hours with a primer underneath, honestly I never tried it longer than that.

Rating: 3.5/5. If you love bright matte eyeshadows you can give this Palette a try, it is very affordable as you are getting 12 colors in Rs.997. However the texture is bit chalky and newbies may find the texture difficult to work with. I, on the other hand has come to terms with the texture and application technique and got the hang of it.

Leaving you all with the swatches and pictures. I hope you like them 🙂

sleek i-divine ultra mattes v1 brights eyeshadow palette swatches

sleek i-divine matte eyeshadow paletteEid 2016 makeup look-blue smokey eyes
Sleep i-divine palette India

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Sleek Pout Paint- Port review and swatch

Sleek Pout Paint in shade Port

MRP: Rs. 815

sleek pout paint

How are you my Angels!!

Me and PJK are at our native place, spending quality time with Mom and Dad 🙂

Today I am going to review Sleek Pout Paint in Port, we purchased it from Luxola when they used to do Shipping in India .  We were so looking forward to buy pout paints but was confused between sleek and 3CE. I have read rave reviews for both of these brands and after much thought I purchased Sleek pout paint and put the 3CE in my wish list. Only one color was available at luxola, the port. Let’s jump to the review now.

Packaging: The product comes in sleek tube packaging. The tube is transparent in color with hint of black covering at the top and rear. The transparent packaging makes the product easy to identify. Tube has a thin nozzle to dispense the product.

sleek pout paint

Color: The color is gorgeous dark pink. Being the lip colors loosely packed in a tube you always have an advantage of mixing it with other colors and customize it. You can use it as a gloss by putting it slightly on lip and rub your fingers across the lips to have a touch of pink glossy lips. You can fully control the intensity of the color.


Texture/formula: Texture is thick in nature and spreads evenly on the lips. It settles into semi matte finish after some time. I found the formula dry after few hours of wear.

Application: Application can be tricky for beginners, you can only apply this lip product with a lip brush. Application with fingers can risk spreading the product beyond the lip lines and as it stains heavily so you will be left with pink stains around the lips, hence I recommend using a lip brush for precise application. Draw the outline first and then Spread the color with a filler brush. I have used real technique lip brush and the application was precise and smooth.

Pigmentation: Sleek pout paint is insanely pigmented. You will get an even color with one swipe of brush.


Lip preparation beforehand: If you have dry, chapped lips then this product is a big no for you. I would advise to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before application, the lips should look healthy to have the precise application. It is a must to use a lip balm underneath otherwise it may leave your lips dry.

Longevity: I had a wear time of 6-7 hours, meals and drinks included and afterwards it leaves a pink tint behind.

Staining: Seeing its pigmentation I had the idea that it will stain the lips and it does.

Removal: You need a good oil based makeup remover to completely remove the traces of it.


Easy to identify packaging.
Gorgeous pink color
Thick texture
Color spreads evenly on lips
Amazingly pigmented
Long staying
You can customize the colors while mixing with other shades.
Little product is needed to cover whole lips.

Can only be applied with a lip brush.
Can be unflattering on dry and chapped lips.
Stains the lips heavily.
Need an oil based makeup remover to remove the color completely.
Not available in India

My Verdict: I loved it and fully recommend to all the ladies out there. Go give it a try and you will love it for its pigmentation and staying power.

Rating: 4.5/5

Sleek Pout Paint Port-swatch Sleek Pout Paint Port-fotd Sleek Pout Paint Port-fotd


Sleek True Color Lipstick Cherry review, swatch and pics

Sleek True Color Lipstick Cherry Review

sleek true color lipstick



Today i am going to review an another product from my previous Haul. I am an avid lover of dark colors, i feel they make my face glow and gives an edge to the whole look. Today i am going to review such a shade from the Sleek MakeUP called Cherry.

Claims: A highly pigmented, non drying, conditioning sheen lipstick that helps to keep lips soft and supple. Contains Vitamin E which helps to hydrate and protect lips from free radicals that cause premature ageing.


MRP: Rs. 815.50

Ingredients: Mentioned below:

sleek lipstick

Color: Color is a gorgeous dark cherry shade.It is a perfect fall shade.

sleek lipstick-review


Texture: Oh the texture is so smooth, it glides dreamily on the lips. It does not settle into lip lines and doesn’t dry the lips either. Perfect Texture!!

Application: As the texture is smooth so it provides flexibility in application as well. The bullet shape is so perfect for lining and filling out the lips. There is no pulling and tugging and it is one of those lipsticks where you need not to be worrying about the precise application, it is very easy to apply.

Pigmentation: Pigmentation is awesome, just one swipe is needed to cover the lips.

Longevity: Due to its creamy nature it doesn’t stay for long on the lips. I had a wear time of 4-5 hours, tea and meals included.

Staining: It does not stain the lips. I removed it with Sephora oil based remover and it got off easily and left no stains behind.

sleek lip color


  1. Nice color
  2. Very smooth and buttery texture.
  3. It does not highlight the dry/chapped lips.
  4. Does not make the lips dry.
  5. Does not settles into lip lines.
  6. Ideal Application.
  7. Highly Pigmented.
  8. Contains Vitamin E which claims to prevent premature ageing.


  1. Not so good staying power.
  2. It does transfer on cups and glasses.

My Verdict: If you are looking for a ideal fall shade or love deep dark shades then this color is for you. Do try it out for its creamy texture and awesome pigmentation.

Rating: 4/5